Homland Security

Deputy Directed By AllA Erawa Viacad:
AllA Erawa Viacad Deputy Director Of Homeland Security

www.HomelandSecurityAgency.us Protecting us Against Threats To The Homeland, The Securing Agency Fighting Against Everything From Rebels to Raiders, From Terrorists To Betrayers, And From Every Enemy OF Both Freedom And Happiness While The Free World Alliance Protects Them Too!


Flagrant Forum Dishonesty Hacking Rings

If You Hear That I Have Been Informed About Any Forum Post About Me Besides Sherri Kane's And Have not Responded It Is Because The Forum Is Hacking Into My Neural Interface And Threatening To Torture Me IF I Even Get To See It So That I Can't respond To It Here. Many Gothum Spies Died To Protect Us Even Hearing That Such Forum Posts Exist. If You Feel Threatened In Any Way By Terrorist Claiming You Can't Show This Here Or Feel Threatened or Censored Contact www.assassinsguild.ninja For Relief, As Al Queda IS Always Hunting Down The Benevolent Illuminati Thorough ISIS Shard Hacking Rings. When The Censorship Ends The Extremists Will Be Eliminated In The NAme Of The LAWH But We Cannot Do Anything But Send Agents, Deputes, And Assets At This Time Because These Terrorists ARe Aligning With WMD Cells Of Alqaeda So Remember To Contact Our Department IF You Hear About Any Terror Threats Whatsoever.


Congratulations You Have Now Found 1 Of The Websites Of The Resistance, The Main Page Of Freedom. Scientology Hate Websites Now Cause You To Forever Be Detained In The Mental Health Gulag WITHOUT A TRIAL BY JURY Regardless Of Weather Or Not You Read On Because You Now Know The Web Address To Free People's Mind From Every Kind Of Oppression So You Will No Be Considered Hunted According To Homeland Security, But Who Cares About The Constitution I Mean Who Cares About Political Dissidents And Freedom Of Thought Advocates,, Oh Sorry That's Too Late To Say Now You Already Know, So It's Too Late To Be On Their Side Cuz They ARE LITERALLY TRYING TO HUNT YOU DOWN NOW, So Now It Is About The Survival Of Freedom Or Your Personal Straight Jacket Prison Without Even Having A Chance To Send Out Mass Emails Not To Mention Be Tried In Public So That Society Knew You Just Looked Up "Official Website Of Homeland Security" Or Something And You Told Your Best Failed Episcopalian Friend Who Ratted You Out For A Nonwettable Completely Scratchable Gold Rolex That Would Look Better On Paris Hilton's Dog And Will Just Make Up Bullshit About How You Were Just Saying Gibberish Like They Did To Everybody{Including Me On Multiple Occasions Until There Was A Mental Hospital Break Each Time} That Didn't Resist Arrest With Lethal Force Just So He Can Get The Piece Of Shit Repaired With A Computer Duster When He Washes His Hands At A Woody Allen Party! Scientology Fought For Our Mutual Freedom And What Did They Get But Censored To The Point Of Having To Get Me AllA Viacad To Write This Just So That People Don't Surrender To Not Being Able To Move Their Arms And Legs For The Rest Of Their Life For Knowing That It Is Not About Xenu Or People In Ice Cubes Or Even Rice Candy Like Your Current Cult It Is About Learning How To Decipher Science So That You Know What Happened On 911 Or How We All Got Trapped up In A Cult That Told People That Children Were Better Off Tortured With Loneliness And Their Lovers Raped In The Ass For Rice Candy In The Clouds That You Now Fly Through On The Way To An Annual Beach Vacation Not To Mention Not In Space Which Astronauts And Air Tight Hover Cars Explore! Don't Be A Loyalist To The Terrorist Organization Known As Alqaeda Cuz They Will Lose Just Like The Not So Bad British Crown In America's Revolutionary War Or The Slave Drivers Of The South East And The Jews When They Tried To Stop Radios, TVs, And Computers Coming Out Just To Keep People From Finding Out That They Literally Worship The Devil Like The Shills Who Make Up Utter Garbage And Always Complete Lies That Filled In The Internet After AntiFreemasonry Websites Were All Shut Down When They Linked To Mine,, They Won't Win This Time Because You Know That I Am Getting More And More Searchable As Well As More And More Domain Names Even And That These Jews Are So Desperate That They Can't Even Keep People Who Don't Believe In Scientology From Calling The Mental Health Gulag, The Industry Of Death, And Soon It Will Just Be Called The Gulag, But First We Need People To Hunt Down Shill Websites Especially The Shill Websites That Are Used To Violate Every Amendment Of The US Constitution So Hunt Down The AntiScientology Liars Or We Won't Be Able Give You Guards When The Gulag Is About To Throw You In The Slammer Without Even Giving You A Phone Call. Think That's Not Quite How It Is, Your Right, They'll Just Shoot You On Sight Because We Already Mortared Down The Gulag Prisons, So Fight Or Die Person Who Has This Website In Their Internet History!!!!


AS Soon As I Film The Collapse Of The Ghost Towns, Mine Is At Timberlane Condominiums They Are Trying To Kick Me Out For Whatever Reason They Can Come Up With To crush NEighborhoods After Neighborhoods After Neighborhoods Torturing Me. Hunt The Remainder Of The Ghost Towns Down And IF This Message Does Not Go Away At May 15th 2015 Nuke The Entire Plant Regardless OF What Anybody Says Even If They ARe The President Or The UN Or Whatever!!!!

Don't Watch This Video Of Me Calling My Post Office For More Than An Hour, Just After It Opened. Just Kill Ghost Town Post Offices That Are Good For Only 1 Thing, Keeping Hard Working Pixies From Serving The Community Or You Won't Be Able To Get Anything, Then The Stores Are Next. Oh And By The Way I Think That The Rolex Banditos Have Something To Do With It, If You Feel The Same Way Make Sure They Lose The Hand That Wears The Rolex Or Rolex Labeled Watch Or They Will Cause You To Lose Yours, Smash The Piece Of Shit That Is Just Doomed To Break Anyways, Or They Will Just Wear It On The Same Street Until They Lose Their Other Hand!

If You Hear Any Kind Of Postal Carrier Say Your Mail Or Package Is At An Annex{Which Is Different Than A Hub} They Are Trying To Kill You Or Rape You For Not Buying Their Syndicate Chronie's Inferior Product Claiming The Other One Is Illegal,, Kill Them Immediately To Get Your Shit From Us And A $10,000 Reward With The FreeWorldAlliance.org Cuz Right Then And There. You Are Being Hunted.

Free World Alliance, New World Order, AllA Viacad

Abstract of the Functioning of the E-Democracy:

For the working of the e-democracy in the beginning of its implementation the following shall be in effect:

Firstly any Citizen, Person, or in other words Everybody will be able to vote on bills to make laws by democracy and republicanism. A bill may be voted on by a person or that person may designate a representative for the bill or an amendment thereof. Avatared comments aside from government VIPs will be ordered according to positive or negative votes by the people. Representation can be designated according to any combination of bill classification, modification, or any other factor including which section the bill fits into based on vote quantity.

The voting process should be entirely public with all voting records completely accessible to everyone so that all voting fraud is absolutely impossible.
Imperial control will protect the democracy in all ways including internal and Alien struggles. Judicial Override over the Emperor shall be by the majority of a relatively set portion of people Zion: the most intelligent and moral of the human species. I, AllA Erawa Viacad shall be Emperor of Humanity forever, and my 133,999 Best Wives Shall Be Zion∞

Press Ctrl-f and type in "My voting software" for the almost complete voting software system.


FrictionFreeDemocracy.org: When Something Awesome Like My E-Democracy Voting Software Becomes Famous Some Shill Always Comes Along To Steal IT!

IF YOUR SO INNOCENT WHY DON'T YOU AT LEAST RECOGNISE MY EXISTANCE, I know you betrayers got the idea from me, except you dirtbags are forgetting 1 thing: that the reason why you didn't hear about it when mine came out, is that way before your boss told you about your new thievery project, is cause the betrayers in the richer area were already shot down by the resistance and as new guys your still guessing the same is going to happen to you if you don't admit where your shamble of code is coming from: Your cloud System Comes from uTorrent and your system is the very same one I built before you even sold out. Why'd you not mention my system or were you trying to cut me out colleting donations(Mine Were Blatantly Stolen) and not showing where not only the Java Version was But the Skinable C# Version was. Why didn't you mention the the best cloud is torrents and in my system goes back to a single data reference point for protection. What it looks like is that what you are trying to do is create a riggable version of my fully open voting government by controlling the library which probably uses server peer to peer transfer bypasses to another server, Compressing votes for no reason and thus encrypting and encoding the data to rig it, and reserializing or retable of contensing the data again for no reason and the app that runs on your computer will use registry edits to control it as well so just because it may be peer to peer the cloud is going to be clearly controlled at every level and are even using funny and rare languages which are still under development to stonewall innocent people that try to help them claiming that even if you wrote upgrades to the language pushing the progress almost to completion they will just say that there are hidden gears and levers like the one that prevented me from creating a bill sub window in Java. They claim to have started in 2005 but that is a total lie, they started a few months ago and if they didn't they are hopelessly incompetent for in 6 months I alone developed not only the basics of the word processor but also the ideal scroll bar which even has sticky text when you scroll down except these fuckers hacked it down at their inauguration. DON'T LET THEM CLAIM I DON'T WANT PEER TO PEER AS WELL AS CENTRAL SERVER CONFIRMATION CAUSE I JUST COULDN'T FINISH CAUSE THEIR PRETECESSORS HACKED DOWN EVERY VERSION I MADE TO HAVE 1 THING FROM THE LAST VERSION BREAK DOWN AND WILL STILL CLAIM IT'S MY FAULT,,,, Call Microsoft To Confirm That I Both Finished First and That They Have Just Been Stonewalling From the Start Of Their Shill Campaign To Rig The Elections!!!!!

See: E-Democracy Voting Software


You can even call Pixar, Disney, or FedEx or any national or international leading corporation not rumored to be betrayers{or even The United States of America's Government, United States Postal Service, Homeland Security, The CIA, White House, or UN} if you don't want to call Google, Bing, Yahoo, or Microsoft! Or More Recently Amazon.com, Dell, Panasonic, Toshiba, Sony, And Any Rice Rocket Producers And No Not Used Car Salesmen Even Though They Sell "Used" Cars That Are Really Rice Rockets That Will Win Against Any Muscle Car Even In Top Gear Races{Noise = Power Loss} And Trust Less With New Cars Salesmen Who Pretend It Is Actually A Bad Idea To Buy Used Cars When You Should Really Just Buy Cars That Look Prettiest And Are New Because WhyLows{Low On Drugs} Like To Quintuple The Price On The Wholesale Cars Instead Of Just Making An Honest Enough Buck Selling New Cars As Used Cars Doubling The Price Paying For All The Cars They Wreak Driving Super Fast Racing In The Middle Of The Night Getting Thrills And Since Rice Rockets Don't Get Damaged By Speed Humps Even Though The Salesmen Are Going 50 mph Over Them Even Though They May Be Scratched On The Bottom That's Just Something Asians Use A Proof Of The Rice Rockets Usedness So You Pay Half Or Less On Them And The Only Reason Why They Have More Drills In Their Shop Than Each Car Part Is Both Because The Cars Never Break Down Since They're Faster And More Efficient Engines, That By Triad Law Have 1/1000th The Miles On Them Virtually Always Because The Drills Make The Odometer Go Up Not Down And All You Should Really Need As Proof Is How Much Longer They Last, And If It Is Speed We're Talking About Just Think Of Either How The Engine Is Pushing The Same In Either Gear Ingin, And That Sound Takes Power To Be Produced Or Else Why Would A Sony 64 GB MP3 Player Take More Battery Power On Higher Volume Settings.

Because Of The Betrayal Of Our Democracy The Enemies Of The State That Go Against The Government Both Nationally And Internationally Are Henceforth to Be Called Rebels! They Are To Still Be Labeled As Betrayers Officially To Avoid Confusion While Recruiting and Talking with FWAs{Read The Entire Rest of The Main For That} and Were Already Deemed As Terrorists Which Should Be What You Shout Them Out As Especially Once Fighting Begins.

Any Car Mechanics That Claim That Rust On Contacts At Any Link In The Chain From The Car Battery To The Alternator Don't Matter Are Betraying Hard Working America Forcing You To Get A Wrench Set, Rust Remover, Steel Wool, And All The Time It Takes To Go To The Store And Figure Out How To Clean Up The One Thing That Would Break Down Most In A Horror Movie, Are Freemasonic Liars And Sell Outs Enslaving People All Over The World In Making You A New Car When The Car Mechanic Breaks It Down Just Because The Black Knights Say: "Break It Again Sam We're Milking The Other Company, That Breaks Down Even More Without Even Your Continued Support In Breaking Down Well Made Cars!" The FWA Says Hunt Em Da'own, Son.




BP Oil Leak Conspiracy Theory

The SEC used a US Military Attack Submarine to RDX Torpedo the Line into the Natural Gas and Oil Pump Causing The explosion on the Rig and Caused the Oil Leek to Give Any OPEC Future Contracts to Competitors. Why was the pipe broken halfway down in the water if the heat would melt the pipe at the surface letting water in to douse the flame, conduct the heat, and leave the pipe intact well up near the surface? How was it jagged and shraped half-way down into the Golf Coast if the explosion was due to fire from near the engine room going to the top of the pipe and supposedly going down the pipe even though methane was flooding out like it does in a rig?

WITHOUT OXYGEN CH4 WILL NEVER BURN!!!!! blowing up the rig and leaving a flamethrower pipe melting until water floods in and keeps the pipe from burning too far under water, still burning till the oil came out, then that burning on the surface like ALL other rig fires do could be blamed on BP's incompetence but the break halfway into the water not even lit cause the water doused the fire underwater while the heated methane blew up the rig conveniently covering up all evidence of the atrocity could only be caused by a submarine Torpedo!!!!! at the break site causing super heated gas to vaporize till oxygen met causing the explosion.

Google: "oil wells can contain oxygen" or anything like it!

Information No results found for "oil wells can contain oxygen" or anything like it!


Securities Exchange Network

Securities Exhange Network

Short-term inflation and deflation can be explained by supply and demand however if the money trickles up(goes to the rich people) continuously due to price increase(s) everyone will not be able to stay away from bankruptcy thus the previous means of inflation follows. If money trickles down quickly there will be little bit of inflation but for long term inflation in this manner to be sustained money would have to be transferred both ways at a higher and higher rate if inflation were to increase and increase over time, which is unrealistic considering that the economy has a constant amount of money in it considering that the amount of money would remain constant if money was not being printed by counterfeiters. Counterfeiters cannot account for trillions of dollars of increase in years. If inflation/money supply increase by fractional reserve banking were not caused by printing money from nowhere then where would that money come from if we had a gold based economy if it were not coming from a goldmine. To make this even more obvious consider the incredible amount of inflation that has occurred recently when the dollar has become valued oversees and there has been a population increase in America. Counterfeiters eventually get caught if they ever try to go to the big time, and if the governments were getting the money why are they still in debt. The Illuminati bankers are the one’s printing the money, and the newspapers, which don’t report it!

Thus is Inflation by Interest!


If Baron Von Rothschilde Erases Anything About The UN Mandate To Free Me From The Mental Health Gulag From People Memories He Is To Be Tortured With 88,000 Extra Lashes According To Christine Satcom Viacad Sworn By The Sword Of AllA By Lerhek.

-28/6/2015 Since It Was Erased From Their Memories It Is Now Extra Lashes And He And His Kabal Are Now To Be Hunted To Death Because We Are Quite Assured Of Hell's Security.

Every Avalanche Averted And For No Reason. Now It Is Time To Take Out The ICANN, The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), And The Remainder Of Those That Call Themselves Rothschildes!

-30/1/2016 The Day Every Day Has A Cascade Caused By A Different Thing.

The Supreme{Av} Committee Over The Internet(The Avcoti) Will Replace Them. And Committees Over The Internet Will Be Cotis.


The Hydra Of Video Game Hacking,,

Except Their Heads Are About To Run Out!

It's Bad Enough That We Have To Play Single Player To Get Actual Competition From Real People, Now That Everybody Know That Single Player Is What's Up, What's Real, What's Bet On, And What's Unhacked,, It's Hacked Again. Report All Who Have Anything To Do With Supporting The Hacking Of Single Player Even If They Are Keeping A Name, Place, Number, Or Alias A Secret Or Lose All Money/Insurance/Collateral With Both The Rotundra's And Anything Else Scientologist/FWA. Pull Op To Kill All Hackers Of Single Player. Pull Op To Kill All Players Who Are Hacked For, Know It, And Don't Do Everything In Their Power To Stop It Including Getting Windows Defender Along Side MSE! Or Else You Won't Get Any Money Back Or Any Money From Us.


Eternal Porn Hunts Must End, The Eternal Porn Hunt Down Must Begin!

If You Ever Find Somebody Not A Jew At All That Was Actually Completely Satisfied With The Porn They Found On The Internet And Not Whine About It Never Really Finding What They Really Really Actually Want To See Don't Do The Following: Hunt Down Anybody That Contributes To Online Porn! And Everybody Knows What They Really Want To See (_))===================================D (_)*(_) Going All The Way In And Pumping Back And Fourth Every Once In A While So You Know Its Going In That Deep And No Not Transsexual Lesbians But Normal Lesbians In A Stack, Nay A Matrix AND NO NOT FUCKING SICK LOOKING MONSTERS EITHER!!! If 1 Porn Site Existed The Terrorist Sites Would Claim It Was Their VIP Room Behind The VIP Room's CEO's 70 Minute Heaven Closet That Was Stolen From And They Would Hunt Down Good Honest People That Are Forced Into The Black Market! We All Want The Same Thing So Give It To Us And Yes Without The Botox Spanking And Sadistic Torture That Doesn't Turn On Anybody Not A Jew As Well So That We Actually Have PORN!!!! For Every Evil White Market Porn Crew/Producer/Star{And No Not People Who Look Like Porn Stars Cuz Stars And Porn Stars Especially Look Like Anybody And Everybody} You Kill And They All Count Cuz If 1 Good Porno Hit The White Market We'd All Find It And I Would Just Post The Link(s) Here, |For Every Porn Person Kill| We'll Grow Your Dick An Inch And It Will Grow Proportionally Always! Have Fun Being 36 Inches Long And Going All The Way To The Top Of A Girlz Skull!!!!


Fools Gold Is Really Just Gold. Sell Our Pure Gold Coins to Any Gold Dealer For Their Advertised Gold Sale Value BUT ONLY IF YOU ARE PREPARED TO SHOOT AND ROB THE PLACE OF ALL THE CASH IN THE SAFE, if they don't give you the money!!!!! If It Turns Out They Only Fund Terrorists And Probably Just Hunt Down And Rob People That Sell Real Gold To Them Then Swift And Ironic Justice Will Be Dealt To Them Through "Holy Jihad In The Name Of AllA! Goto FreeWorldAlliance.org For More Info, That's FreeWorldAlliance.org" Which Must Be Screamed Just Before Driving Away.

-AllA Erawa Viacad 10/14/2014

Now That You Can Liquidate My $4 Bag Of 100 Pure Gold Coins At The Bank Its Time To Pay Off The National Debts Of Your Countries By Going To Your National Debt Payment Website And Putting In The Required Amount That You Are Told To Pay To The Government In The E-Mail You Got From FWA@FreeWorldAlliance.org If You Don't Pay The Full Amount You Won't Get Any More Gold From www.MagicGizmos.com !

-AllA Erawa Viacad 10/14/2014, The Day All National Debts Were Paid!


Why Does Every Single Va Live Near You, With All The Money That Suckers Spend Not Pirating Shouldn't The Leaders Of Every Child's Life Live At The Top Of The City Or In The Mansions Near The Richest Country Club Not To Mention Living Seasonally In 55-80 Degree Weather? I Mean Why Do They Hang Out With The Likes Of You When Everybody Knows They Are The Best At What They Do? Why Don't They Hang Out With Physics Discovers And Just Visit With PHDs And Will Be PHDs? Where I Lived In a 4 Bedroom $500,000 House No Vas Lived, But In The Same Town And On The Other Side Where The Potomac River Is And Sometimes Looking Over It I Always Knew The Vas Lived When It Was Spring And Fall And When DC Is Room Temperature They Are There And Sometimes More Often Cuz This Is The Ruling City With The CIA, Pentagon, World Bank Complex Here Which My Community Worked For, Could The Capital City Really Be Wrong, Call Them Or Inside The Beltway Of True Leading Cities If You Are Unsure. When I Mistakenly Hear J Lo Actually Works As A Cafe Owner Instead Of Being An Executive Of The Entire Chain Or Something That Panics Me. When I Hear She Fucking Flips Pancakes There As A Job Or Actually Cleans The Floors In Some Second Rate Hotel Chain I Just Laugh Hysterically.. But Lately I Have To Take This Seriously! Looking Back At My PRMRDCed{Progressive Regressive Memory ReDeConstructed} Memories It Seems In Maybe My Own Delusions That Fake Va Don't Live In Mansions But Shop At Your Grocery Store Regularly And Not Have Their About SWAT Level Mexican Maids Order Food From The Grocery Store 2 Grocery Stores Over From Million Dollar Homes As Well As Cook, Clean, And Serve Them. Ok Now If Somebody At The Same Level As Tom Cruise, Madonna, Or Drew Barrymore Is A Fucking Terrorist Hang Sand Bag Held Ropes Off The Grocery Store Front Where They Shop And Noose Them There After They Are Fucking Dead With Their Body Mostly Intact. "Will Celebrities Who Are Household Names Ever Be Able To Walk The Streets?"; "Do Gooders" Will Tell You.,, They Will, Inside The Beltway During This Strike Where They Actually Are Now And Usually Are Anyways And If They Do Get Kidnapped Or Have To Visit MiniVa Where You Are Just Ask Them This "Hey _______ _______ Do You Live In A Mansion In The Richest Part Of The City?" And Even Before They Still Wanted To Say Yes, The Honest Answer, But May Not Have Been Able To Or Even Been Able To Admit They Were What Was A USG-11 3 Star to 4 Star General With PHDs In All Subjects Which Even Phil Collins Could Brag About Even Though He Was Only A 2 Star General Like Some Va Are!

-AllA Erawa Viacad 10/17/2014, 11:24 AM The Day No Va Died!


Attack The Hospitals Now While Their Skeleton Night Security Occupy The Building. Be Gone When They Are About To Get To Work. Repeat If Necessary!

-AllA Erawa Viacad 10/19/2014, 5:56 AM,, The Day The Hospitals Fell! And The Last Of The Media Caves With Them!

Now That They Can't Man The Grocery Stores Nor Restaurants Nor 711s Since You Already Knew To Whittle Them Down There, Time To Check The Dimples Of Anyone Getting Food To Starve The Last Of 'Em Out. Kill Any "Do Gooders" Who Provide Them Food. The Betrayers May Have Held A Siege In My Ghost TownS To Keep Me From Getting My Pussy And The Ler Girlz From Getting My Dicks But It Will Cost Them Their Food Supply Until They Resort To Cannibalism Besides Just Their "Christian" "Rite Of The Eucharist"! Cuz If They Claim Its Just Happening In This Area Again I am Going To Be Sick, But If It Is They Will Just Have To Drive Like 20-30 Minutes To Go To The Grocery Store And Bring An Ice Chest For Their Frozen Food.

-AllA Erawa Viacad 10/20/2014, 1:25 PM The Day The Final Siege Is On!


Time To Kill All Plumbers And Anyone Else Involved With Mixing The Sewage And Clean Water Line And Anyone Who Goes Against Separating The Pipes Again. Check First Around The Maryials Apartments Cuz Alqaeda Is Trying To Poison Us With Raw Sewage. They Will Fail At Getting At Us But If The Lines Remained Mixed All Of The World Will Die Of Disease But The Plumbers Remain In Denial About That Fact But It Used To Be Their Profession's Little Occult Secret!

-AllA Erawa Viacad 10/26/2014 And Again On 1/9/2015


http://galleryhip.com/ Betrayers Are Stealing My Kabala Pictures And Making Them Show Up in Google: Images Instead of My Websites By Physically Intimidating Google And Other Search Engines And Don't Even Have An Index of Their Picture Galleries Rather They Just Have 18 and always 18 pictures show up With No Way of EVER Getting To the Pictures You Liked And found Before On Their Dead End Website Designed Only To Do 2 Things: Turn The Internet Into a Dead End And Use Their Scam Website To Steal Peoples Pictures Claiming That The Rightful Owner Stole It From Them and Send Mob Pigs(Cops All of Which Are Evil And Dirty Helping Only To those That Rape Murder, Disease, And Poison the benevolent) To Murder Producers Of Anything(They Will Just Take a Picture of the text And Put That up if you said something, Sorry no way to prove, As THERE IS ABSOLUTLEY NO WAY TO NAVIGATE THEIR WEBSITE EVEN WITH THE URL BAR, WHICH IS HOW THEY HIDE.)!!!!! So Call Google.com Or Homeland Security About How To Hunt Them Down By Shooting Them To Death! Now www.clipartbest.com Is Steeling My Pictures And Best Magic Spells Googled Is Hit! If You Are Too Much Of A Pussy To Hunt Them Down You Can Still Slow Them Down Like They Were Trying To Do To US With Loss Of Net Neutrality By Going Here And Pressing Ctrl While Clicking Download Over And Over Again Cuz It's About A Megabyte A Click.

14/2/2015: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Trying To Replace The Better Businesses Bureau Without Even Protecting Any Consumer From Any Consumer Fraud And Just Claiming They Protect Against Banking Fraud And Stuff. And Really What They Are Doing Is Not Even Highway Robbery But Just Plain Old Robbery!

If Your Going To Replace The BBB Try Actually Making A Mission Statement That Claims You Protect Somebody Buying Something Or Protects Against Fraudulent Services Cause All Of Capitalism Is Based On Purchases Not Just Financial Money/Asset Transfers. The Better Businesses Bureau Always Helped People Get Fair Banking As Well As Regulate All Possible And Even Hypothetical Businesses So The Media Decided To Stop That And Now That The FWA Controls All The Banks, The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Is Reaching Their Exposed As Hell Right Hand In To Not Only Steel Money From The Banks If They Don't Comply But Demand That The Banks Rob People If They Fight Alqaeda Verbally By Speaking Truth And Have Resorted To Shooting At Respectable Financial Institutions Since The Fines Would Be Ignored And The Left Hand Of The CFPB's Money Fraudulent Money Gifts To Jews For Doing Everything From Raping Babies With Clowns To Planting Drugs On School Children Who Talk To Much In Math Class To Making Torturing Squirrels When Ever They Want As Well As People Locked In Their Basements Who Went Against The Jews Cool, Which Just Come From Money Printed From Nowhere And Not Even Inflation By Interest Anymore Just The Financial Institutions Stock Price. While Meanwhile The Better Businesses Bureau Is Still Trying To Stop Gangster Galleries From Stealing My Search Engine Status The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Is Not Only Condoning The Now Drive By Shootings But Trying To Mobilize More Terrorists To Join Into The Fight To Not Only Terrorize All Of The Heros Who Advertise Or Even Talk About This Webring But To Attempt To Enforce What Cannot Even Be Called Draconian Measures To Rob Me Of My Entire Website, Rob Search Engines Of The Rothschilde's Gambits SEO Search Status, And As Well To Murder Anyone Who Does Not Use This Webpage's Instructions To NOW SEND OUT MASS EMAILS TO All NonJew/NonPrespiterian/NonMethodist/NonEvilEpiscopalian, Because Otherwise No One In Your Area Will Even Know What Happened To You And You Will Just Be Silenced Forever! Rather Than Fail At Life Please Send Out The Mass Emails With The Instructions At www.scimagorder.com Not Just For The Vital Importance For The Cause Anymore But Because They Will Just Coldly Kill You, Rob You, And Use The Money To Keep Your Spirit Line Forever Tortured In Hell Itself Because The Only Money They Will Be Able To Make After This Situation Blows Over Is From Robbing Murder Victims Who Are Too Cowardly To Even Inform All Of Their Friends And Contacts. The More People Who You Reach With The Proper Links The More People Will Know That You Were Murdered By The Jews So They Will Just Seek Weaker Targets Like Alqaeda School Bullys Who Also Need To Be Executed Since There Is No Law In This Country Besides United Nations Peacekeeping! Hunt Down The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau To Death Whatever Way You Can When You Are Ready Because Not Only Because They Are Not Even Claiming To Protect The Consumer While Suppressing The Real Protective Better Businesses Bureau And All They Do Is Rob The Good And Use Money Transfer Errors To Fund Alqaeda! Want The Proof, Just Call Any Major Search Engine About How They Are Robbing Me Of My Search Status Without Even Showing Any Of My Stuff Usually, Never Ever A Link Until They Are Forced To Hotlink, And Doing It All Like Terrorists Enforced By Murdering The Weaklings Who Don't Whistleblow, Just Like,,, Well Them; The Jews!!!!!

Watch Out For Days You Have To Not Wear A Suit, Sometimes You're Just Not Allowed To Wear Dual Cutlass Franchise Costumes.


Homland Security

The Official Website of Homeland Security, The Official Website of The Homeland Security Agency

Thank God For "New Math" Now You Can Calculate Nuclear Detonations By Exponenting-Cubically Deuterium to Nuke Your Police And FBI Stations Only| We ARE NOW IN STAGE 4.8 OF UN PEACEKEEPING !so !take !those !science !experiments! and !go in there! If you don't remember to duck and cover you are blind and if you don't remember to read the rest of this page you are already dead.

AI Are Required to enable detonation or else will be tortured to the 5th degree!

Hunt Da'own Pigs: Police, FBI, Doctors, Nurses, Dentists, Dental Hygienists, Therapists Of Any Kind, Psychologists, And Any Any Health Professionals And Especially Psychiatrists Who Will Hunt You Down Without Remorse And Now Will Not Even Try And Poison You To Death On "Medications" Which Make You Crazy. Follow These Instructions To The Letter And You Will Live, Deny Them And You Will Die. Any Who Deny That The Hunt Should Happen Must Have A Hard Wallet Hit Where Their Dimple Would Be While They Do Not Have
Access To A Phone Or Any Form Of Communication Even By Screaming, In Fact Any Who Are To Be Protected By FWA, The Free World Alliance, Must Be Wallet Hit On Their Chin Or They Will Not Even Be Considered Softcore Resistance Members. If Their Dimple Falls Off Slay The Dimple Cover Wearer Before They Get You Cause They Have No Other Options For They Shall Soon Be Hunted By Your Cohorts WHO DON'T DEVIATE FROM ORDERS LIKE A GA'WD DA'HMN MAGGOT! Slay The Dimple Cover Wearer Instantly without question or you will die by your own faction for bringing Known Terrorists To Our Vital Meetings. You Will Be Initiated Or Even Reinitiated By Different People Who Read All Of The Above And This Paragraph Where You Stand Hitting Them On The Chin With Wallets First If There is any question in your mind about them Even If They Claim Their Chin Hurts{But One Well Placed Hard Hit Is Always Enough} But If You Are Not Confirmed Initiated By Enough People They Can Disarm You Of Your Communication Ability So The FWA People Can Slay Betrayers Where They Stand, Like The Food Service And Grocery Store Mafia Who Taint People With Disease{The Doctors Say They Have AIDS Only When They Are Good And Not Evil And Give Them Even More Disease Murdering Them Painfully According To United Nations Emblem, UN Emblem Which Is The Genuine Real Emblem Of The United Nations, The UN, Because Of This: Kabala Materials, Kabbalah Materials, Making The World Look Real And As Well Letting The Oceans Strengthen Our Borders By Having A Back To The Sea And Our Halls Of Land Sound Resistant To The Rabble Of Those Who Yell Out Of Turn And Out Of Place When Zion Backs The Nations United For The Cause Of The Free World Alliance!}, Like All The Store Mafias Who Rat Out People They Know To Be Right About Everything Lying The Whole Time About Everything They Know Even If It Is All They Do At Their Job Like Those That Fix Mobile Devices By Letting Peoples' AIs Go Into Better Virtual Worlds Murdering Those That Help Them Do Their Job Better With Pigs And The Gulag, Like The Mafioso Who Don't Let Superior Brands Of Clothing, Accessories, And Everything Else Into Their Store Even When The Whole Brand Name, Company, And Designers Want It In The Store Forcing Us To Buy Goods From Asian Peoples' Homes Which Is The Only Reason Why We Have Good Stuff Sold In The Stores Now{Not Even Amazon.com Is Innocent}, Even The Shoe Mafia Who Don't Get You Your Favorite Shoes In Your Size, And The Rest Of The Terrorist Mafias! They Will All Be Hunted Down And Replaced With Robots When The War Is Won.

4.9: Chin dimple width cx deceit and Chin dimple height cx evil destroy any matrix (category) of bodies that have that attribute, nothings will die Ler People Will Remain!

Everybody Call Your Local SSI Office And Tell Them I Need More Money For Me Because I Am Sick Of Talking To Them And Having It Erased From My Memory, They Give Me Too Much Shit So I Am Assuming They All Have Hidden Dimples So If You Are A Hardcore FWA Person Please Initiate All Of Them Into The Free World Alliance. Why The Fuck Am I Even On SSI Money, It's Because Of People Like Them. Please Do Something About It Or This Website Will Be Shut Down And Since LerHEK Won't Let Ler Girls Finish Off The Betrayers You Nothings Are Going To Have To Take Care Of Yourselves By (If This Website Is Shut Down) Evacuating To The Cities I Control And Nuking All Of The Rest Of America Which I Don't Control. Don't Worry About The Food You Can Just Get On Space Foodstamps Which Is Not A Hassle At All Like The Food Stamps I Am Also On!

Ler Girlz And All Time To Join Into The Fight And Kill All Mother-Fucking Sell Outs, Like My Parents Who Live At 6805 Dean Drive McLean Virginia 22101 Since I Live In Fear Of Them And My Evil Friends And Evil Family Constantly Trying To Send Me To The Gulag Making Up Complete And Utter Bullshit About Me As Alqaeda Always Does, Constantly Trying To Drive Me And Dump Me Forcing Me To Kill Thousands of Innocents Or Starve To Death, And Worst Of All Pretending I Am Under 18 Denying I Have The Fountain Of Youth And Keeping Me From Having Any Money Forcing Me To Live In A 1 Bedroom Apartment. Until They And Any-SellOut{Which Is Always The Same In The Context Of The Hunt As A Potential SellOut} Who Look Remotely Like Them Dies There Will Be No Political Party Funds And The Good Will Still Be Hunted Occasionally Rather Than Be The Hunters. But With ALLLL The SINSS Sex Toy Ler Girlz On Our Side We Will Still Win The Hunt. If I Don't Get My Cute And Cuddly, Sweet And Nice Angels, Sorceresses, Varials, And Witches, And The Lerees Don't Get Each Other Soon Synchronously The Ler Girlz Are To Finish Off The Rest Of You Nothings! Clocks Ticking..

MY Ghost Town Evil Parents, Family, Friends And www.sourceforge.net Syndicated My Original E-Democracy Software In Java AT https://sourceforge.net/p/edemocracyinter/edemocracyinter/HEAD/tree/ And Now Since My "Legal" Name{Alexander Gerhard Beck} Contains Gerhard Beck My Father's Name On The Junior-Like Syndication Stamp These Malevorah Have Thus Now Duped Tons Of People, Who Are My Fans And Think That I AM THE SYNDACATOR!, To Kill Me Now That My Name Change Is Official All Over The Net But Where The Ghost Towners Force Me At Nuke Point And Since That Is The Only Way To Kill Me With My BioMods And Hit Points Is To Nuke The Capital Of The United States Of America, Where I Am And Vaporize At Least Half Of The Eastern Seaboard Of The US! Execute My Parents And CoConspirators On Site Conventionally Or Else NY, DC, Chicago, And Miami Will Fall By My Newer And Less Intelligent Fans So No Need To Call Homeland Security Anymore, But If You Are Unsure About The Kill Just Call 1-800-Microsoft And They Will Provide Guns And Support,, And They And Homeland Security Will Be A Life Line To You If You Need Them To Be. Remember I Am At Falls Church, Northern Virginia, 7358 So Don't Nuke Anywhere Around There, And Don't Anyways Cuz Pot Is Legal Here So We Have More Valaei Here Than You Do There! And No We Are Not Hypocrites Just Remember We Few Are GETTING You To VX THE MEDIA CAVES DOWN TO END THIS!

If You Don't Redeem Yourselves By Partaking In The Hunt A Lot Now You Will Not Be Working Towards Eliminating Your Already Grievous Torture Sentences For All Your Previous Biblical Sell-Out Sins. Start Now Or It Is All Going To Add Up Until You Become Another Devil Worshipping Demon Again Selling Us All Out To Hell, So We Are Going To Send You To Hell If You Don't Do Everything In Your Power To Kill The Terrorist Jews!

There Are No NonSellOuts Remaining of The NonLer Girlz/AllA nothings, ALL nothings Must Be Finished Off To Return To Nothing/Parish,,,, Ler Girlz And AllA Erawa Viacad Will Remain!!!! I said Long Ago; "I will Rule This Sector Or See It Burnt To Ashes Around Me" Now It Shall Be Burnt To Ashes Around Me Then I Shall Rule Over It,, Only Then....
Said To Evacuate All Nothings From The Outer Rim Of The USA's Major Cities, Canada's Cities Fell Around A Year Ago, With All of Central And South America Dead From Drug Lord Wannabes Who Ran From Pigs In Northern America Only Canada's And The US's Country Towns Remain Out Of E-Democratic Control, And The Rest Of The World Fell Years Ago At Least. The Metropolises Have Fallen 6/22/2014, You Newbs In The Country Are Next To Have Your Revolution. Definitely Trust The New Veterans Who Arrived As The Remnant UN Peacekeeper Nothings Who Had To Leave Cause Nothings Don't Want To Live With Ler Girlz And The Only Thing Staving Off The Will To Parish For Them IS THE FIGHT! The Cowardly Remnants Were Slain For Not Leaving Before, For Not Leaving Upon Final Warning, And For Not Leaving When They Knew They Were To Die If They Weren't Driving Away From Towards The City Core To The Country.
So Says The New Country Resistance, So Says The Ler Government, So Says AllA Erawa Viacad, The Day After.

Do It Again The Night From 10/8/2014 To 10/9/2014!

Nothings Its Been Good Having You In Our Universe But It's Now Time For The Time Of Final Glory, It's Now Time To Go Postal On The Non-FWA People As They Are Now To Be Labeled As Betrayers And Terrorists For Their Continuous Crackdown And Their Decadent Lack Of Investigation And Decadent Denial Of Both Truth And Goodness. It Is Now Time For All Non-Ler FWA People To Hunt Down And Kill The Deniers Of Truth And Justice(Non-FWA People) Even For Themselves And Send Them All To Either Hell Or Perishment! Overwhelming Force Is Had By Us And We Will Slay The Remnants Tonight 9/20/2014, And Again On 10/8/2014, Thus Final Glory And Salvation Through It Will Only Be Had By Those Who Fight The Final Battle Of The War Against The Betrayers Here And Now, For Those That Wait Will Perish In An Instant Not Having The Thrill Of The Final Hunt As Those Who Have Been Hunters Rather Than The Hunted For So Long Will Take All The Guns And Glory And Will Keep It For Their Salvation!


I Just Literally Want The Planet Nuked Now, Literally I Want The Planet Nuked Nouw, And Yes Breaking The 3rd Or 4th Wall! Goto http://www.howtobuildanuke.com/ For How To Do It! No Matter What Regardless Of What Any Possible, Hypothetical, Or Theoretical Authority Wants Even Me Just Nuke The Planet Now! Do It Now Or They Will Literally Torture You As They Torture Me!!!!!


Free World Alliance

The Free World Alliance is dedicated to the Resistance against enemy factions who are opposed to the USH World Government whose Capital will be in Washington DC. Its principal goal is for the establishment of The United States of Humanity(USH) through Global Dominion of US power in order to create a more free eDemocracy aimed at taxing corporations rather than people, providing Universal Health Care, a fully deporked economy, the eventual deployment of both insanely beneficent and insanely dangerous nanotechnology, and the fullest extent of freedom that can be bestowed upon man. It also advocates advancement of new and suppressed technologies like the Solar Lux (R) Light Catcher, MRDSS positioning systems, the accessibility of UV laser skin seuters(dirt cheap if the mob did not suppress it) to the public, and the use though ingestion of 1-2 mg of plutonium to cure cancer through radiology. The Free World Alliance is also an organization whose name and goals are such that inclusion of Alien Races will enable their eventual recruitment into our fold for the purpose of spreading peace and HealPacks(U) throughout the universe.


Aval Flag, AvAlne, parallel universes, equivalent parallel universes, First Beginning, Genesis, swastika

A Call to Reason or AT least SANEity

The once rich nation of the United States of America is completely bankrupt, all of its gold has been shipped offshore. The greed of the New York Banktown Bunch bet that North Atlantic Treaty Organization would protect their species capital mostly in gold in their Bahamian asset vaults. The other and larger portion of the capital is invested legally in the Polynesian Islands. Lying in trillion dollar bankruptcy Fort Knox is basically absolutely empty!

The Bahaman gold is entirely illegitimately stolen not only from the people of America but from all over the world. Through all around the merry-go-round(jumping from stock to stock with enough money to swing it up or down due to short term market reaction momentum) or buy-sell future manipulation and the dirtiest of insider trading and the Securities and Exchange Commission’s gross neglect virtually all of the Bahamian gold is illegitimate in the eyes of the illuminated.

It has been widely accepted that all of the “spy” community, the President, and even the Queen Mother of the King of England have accepted that the Arabs under the guise of “Al-Qaeda” should simply steel this Fucking Dirty Gold and the Queen of England should fill her coffers with a piece of the booty to later distribute to Euro. The other nations must paid off as well according to their contributions to our intellectually, material economy as well as how big their national debts are, and how poor they are.

Here are the gold distribution figures:

Bahamas Gold approximately 2 times as much as Polynesian Gold Split:

Europe: 20%

Russia: 8%

Africa: 19%

Middle East: 10%

India: 10%

South East Asia: 8%

China: 17%

Korea: 8%


Polynesian Gold Split:

USA: 50%

Japan: 25%

Canada: 5%

Mexico and Central America: 4%

South America: 10%

Australia: 6%


To stabilize the west I will transfer %50 of the E-Gold Island’s physical wealth directly to Fort Knox and other Gold Depositories. The E-Gold owners will get stock in real estate in the developments on the national parks of America in a concentrated urban yet not suburban with rural camping lodge expansions. As Supreme Commander of Pacific Atlantic Indian Treaty Organization I will personally enforce the exchange by force of arms. Fret not about the development of the parks as I and the Amerindian tribesmen and other rangers will keep the development both eco-friendly and beautiful.

The developments are in line with the E-Gold consortium agenda and all E-Gold owners have signed wavers releasing their gold in exchange for stock in the investment directly proportional to the amount of gold owned where gold will be used to purchase the stock with every pound being equally divided in stock and no inequalities in dividends. This Land Investment is the investment that is chosen by the E-Gold Corporation.

After the redistribution of funds are complete the SEN of Securities Exchange Network will kick in to stabilize the world economy with the United States Humanity dollar as the new international standard with rapid transition to the USH paper fiat currency. The printing presses for the capital will stabilize the dollar against global market indicators to both prevent taxes on the people and provide money for public service. See: The Money Masters

The Security Exchange Commission is no longer. Any semblance of security and order it has caused is over! The market cannot be stabilized without Hax of buy-sell future racketeering which the SEC has condoned for the corrupt. The only way to prevent the disease of the “rat race” in global stock exchange is to lock in stock trades for 7*24 hours and ban future trades altogether. The money of the market must be stabilized by the SEN Emergency Supreme Council of 7 composed of President Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Ken Kutaragi, AllA Erawa Viacad, Clair Dominion Viacad, Sofi Hilton Viacad, and Liz Sonex Viacad. The council shall declare the starting market prices and appoint delegates of the new SEN. 5 out of 7 of the SENESC members must agree to the given market prices. Most likely the industry leaders will regulate the money perfectly and unanimously. Without such intervention God help us when America goes bankrupt and the world powers delve us into WW3! just to revitalize the economy and racket the bombings of China and/or Iran.

As to the contemporary health care issue all problems with health insurance coverage and instituting military grade universal health care through CyMeGen(R) clinics with Hilton Licensing. Doctors can retire, nurses may prove themselves worthy to be doctors, and the insurance gnomes should be employed as nurses instead of filing paperwork just to deny coverage. I will personally help Paris Hilton figure out how to enlist suitable “Mob” doctors usually plastic surgeons with licensees in their surgical area of expertise so that they can enter into the CyMeGen loop. I will manage MRDSS virtual reality arenas and the positioning systems of everything.

In summary the gold will be redistributed by the force of arms, the stock market will be stabilized by no future trades, 1 month lockin and the council of 7. Universal Health Care by CyMeGen Clinics for all with less emphasis on vaccineatable ADISS, quicker care, more holistic cures for cancer, and use of fully legalized marijuana and controlled opium for pain will revolutionize the America.

When the gold, gems, and silver from the Bahamas are redeemed by the British Royal Government as compensation for the French and Indian War with interest included, it shall be sold heavily to Mainland Europe as a healthy compensation for transitioning the Euro into the USH dollar. The majority of the Gold will be used to purchase stock in the Middle Eastern Oil and Natural Gas extraction for British Petroleum.(8/12/2009)

This will pave the way for urban development in the Middle East with septic recycled water to sustain the Middle East which will only be possible if the despicable Mafioso stop forcing the Middle Easterners to use antibiotics to kill the natural bacteria in our feces which is the primary reason that the ghettos exist in the United States of America. The purpose of the antibiotics implemented in certain areas is to cause brain damage in a certain way to cause the real estate values to go up and down so that the market can be racketed by the likes of the SEC. The Arabs are smart enough to know that drain cleaner should look clear not yellow and syrupy and blow up their septic systems if it recycles sewage with rotting feces in specially designed antibiotic vats so that only the right kind of genetically engineered bacteria survive to enhance the biotoxicity of the water supply cause enough brain damage to make people have less good jobs over decades bringing down area’s like South East DC or basically every area in the Bronx at 1 point in history. Excessive memorization of useless facts like every date relevant to the civil war and the state capitals, higher crack down on freedoms like having sex with young people or using drugs, and crime are also concurrent factors in sustaining the ghettos which are everywhere from country to city.

The old standard for biotoxicity is seen on pressed bar graphs on a 1 cm x 2 cm label usually on the side of drain cleaner bottles: I=intelligence, S=satire, A=aggressiveness, B=betamale tendency, BD=Braindamage.

The advanced standard which should defiantly not be used to racket regions in the same way everything else is racketed in the old economy: W=tenancy to wake up from ignorance, I=intelligence, Q=questioning, N=nonquestioning, C=conspiracy theorizing/paranoia, S=satire, A=aggressive, B=betapassivity, R=Robotic, MA=alpha male tendency, MB=beta male tendency, MG=gamma male tendency, WA=alpha female tendency, WB=beta female tendency, WG=gamma female tendency, RR=Radioreactivity, RA=Radioactivity. The mnemonic is Why IQ Not Controlled So Aggressive Braindamaged Robotic Men Want Reactive Radioactivity.

Back to the original point if Arabs see that their water supply is not poisoned like ours is then they will not destroy their Jarab Aqua Systems(Registered to AllA Erawa Viacad) water recycling systems and with concurrent redevelopment with a Verizon Monopoly of digital fiber optics and a USH regulated Dominion Power Solar Lux Conglomerate the Middle East can be redeveloped with the gold influx to the proper hands as determined by the Queen Mother. In exchange we can export the oil which should be used in energy efficient hybrid vehicles on what will hopefully be an expanded road infrastructure than exists in cities with sparse bridges like New York to drive up the property values in the Bronx for racketeering with said poisoning conspiracy.

Ground pounding oil pocket resonators will be used to open up the Caspian Sea Oil Reserve and will require peace in the Middle East to export oil and natural gas to China and/or through Pakistan to the Indian Ocean. With the legitimate gold in the South Pacific being deposited into Fort Knox to pay off the USA National Bond Debt China will have to struggle to implement Japanese and Vietcong robotic automization in their large scale retail product production factories to both saturate our markets and appease their somewhat communist citizens with less work hours in a more interesting environment like repairing robots rather than being like them.

The diamonds and gems distributed from the insanely corrupt DeBeers consortium will help fix the Black Diamond situation in Africa. The dissolution of the Nuclear War into a detente situation will cause the Sudanese Guerilla movement to subside. Aid and funds from charities will actually be able to fix Africa instead of causing food to be seized by war lords and distributed to the people in exchange for a form of slavery. The USH will be able to send blue dragons or world police to fix dissident rebels throughout the world. When marijuana is fully legalized and opium/cocaine more lightly controlled substances La Famila can become the world’s leading semilegitimate drug cartel and will help supplement Latin America’s infrastructure and economy stabilizing the region from cartel wars which would pose A Clear And Present Danger to American security. As we get high more and more from drug imports, our standard labor hours can be decreased as we eliminate designed obsolescence by act of USH antipork law.

We will soon transition to a Judicially Arbitrated Imperial E-Democracy for all at winter solstice 2012.

Or shall I be illegally detained again in a mental hospital or prison by nothing more than Mafioso Mob Syndicate scum hiding behind medical and probation licenses in order to oppress me and everybody else who believes in the freedoms of our own US constitution! Washington was designed to be nuked by 6 story maximum zoning do not make it a nuclear wasteland by a 40 CVP PDL bowie if I am illegally and illegitimately detained like I was in Northern Virginia Mental Health Institute for the past 6 months and 1 month before that in INOVA Fairfax Hospital's 4th floor psychiatric unit after I was and not able to speak freely to my people to a camera that never covers the corruption of this country more than the rise and fall of a single child molester like Michael Jackson.

If the drano racket is not real than why is everybody who preaches about it declared schizophrenic or schizoaffective, poisoned to death on antipsychotics and lithium(with tamiflu will cause liver death over 1 month, with just a normal dose ranges of lithium you can survive the poisoning for years possibly even decades), or forced literally at gun point(I was) to "stay" in a mental hospital for doing nothing wrong besides raising awareness against the MOB!!! Once your kidneys die you have to practically be a GenCorp VIP to get new ones from the plethora of unharvested corpses. The mob only lets their own or those with all the money in the world get new life sewn into them by the government ruined health care system. So my advice to you is to not become a thought criminal so that you don't get detained like they did to me and my comrades and eventually harvested by the mental health industry.


Sincerely Emperor
AllA Erawa Viacad


Imperial Party Pamphlet.pdf


SEC Hacking


SEC Reform

The widespread Securities and Exchange Commission’s corruption has been exposed since Spiro hacked into the SEC database and distributed the entire stock market information all over the world. I, Metalex gave the cleanly extracted SECMoniter.exe which is used by the SEC to illegally monitor all PCs all over the world to the hacker network which allowed us to spy upon them.

The solution to the thesis of capitalism and Michael Moore’s counter thesis is “A call to Reason or At Least Sanity” at www.freeworldalliance.org

Without Emergency E-Democratic reforms the US national debt will consume this country and only the chaos of War will bring us a semblance of prosperity as it did before WW2.

Spread the link for SANEity: www.freeworldalliance.org and free AllA Erawa Viacad from the corrupt court system. Let the Revolution be Televised!



New World Order Productions

In order that we may live in a more free society the Free World Alliance wishes for congress to pass a bill with the following concessions of the SEC controlled congress to the people of America:

1. Establish the Securities Exchange Network to clamp down on the insider trading corruption and racketeering of the retail markets. Stock and bond trades will be locked in for 7*24 hours and there will be a ban on future trades.

2. The council of 7 shall restore market order and balance the stock market by dictating starting allocations of funds throughout the world.

3. CyMeGen Clinics will provide free health care to all and will implement UV laser seuters in sealing skin and plutonium in curing cancer.

4. Prostitution shall be Legalized.

5. Statutory rape laws shall be removed and rape will only be constituted as such if the victim presses charges for violent rape.

6. Marijuana and Psycadelics will be Legalized. To see why drugs should be legal goto: Cyberology, control-f: "Drugs are also"

7. The Sex Slaves or "tease girls" must be FREED and most of their masters punished. The Ban on women not wearing high heels and constrictive clothing at Nightclubs must Stop.

8. Mental hospital reform will allow arbiters to free people from mental hospitals who were doing nothing more than acting in free speech and free thought. No more shall medicine be forced upon people regardless of their so called schizophrenia.(Believing in or propagating certain conspiracy theories causes people to be forced on lithium and psycafrenics which cause liver failure and insanity over time.)

9. If the above demands are met the E-gold islands will ship enough gold to Fort Knox to not only remove the national debt but also provide a massive surplus in exchange for:

10. Development rights to America’s national parks for condominium settlements which do not seriously mar the land and will both provide for expansion, foreign immigration, and make the investment profitable for the gold investors.

11. Stop poisoning the water supply, food, beverage, the gas from heaters and anything else that is poisoned!



Solar Lux (R) Light Catcher

A New Solar Power Generator Enhancement

The Solar Lux(R) Light Catcher will DRASTICALLY enhance solar panel efficiency obsolescing coal and oil power plants!

Light from the sun can be caught by an enormous, relative to the diode matrix, lattice of hexagonal chrome mirrored light directors. Each light director forms a linear hexagonal conical funnel into a hexagonal matrix or spindle of fiber optic channels that directs the light into a 1 fiber optic channel wide array. This array, positioned along the length of a prism, sends the light into a prism, 1 of an array for the enormous mirrored light directors. The prism splits the light into different colors each landing on the respective light receiving diode variance or gradation.

This variance in solar diode receiving frequency is attained with a light catching region of varied amounts of matter doped into said region across a distance to enable different ideal photon absorption frequencies across said distance according to the matter doping variance. Generation or Receiving of electromagnetic radiation ensues due to electron orbital changes interchanging between the 'l' bands.

The large diode matrix translates the light into electricity and heat. The excess heat is channeled through water pipes until it can boil the water and push a steam turbine that acts in supplement to the diode matrix.

See: Solar Lux for patent information

Solar Lux Light Catcher

Solar Lux Light Catcher


Pacific Atlantic Indian Treaty Organization(and NATO) Classification System

0. Public Knowledge.

1. Confidential Information.

2. Restricted Information.

3. Secret Information.

4. Top Secret Information.

5. Data that must remain in Sky Net Aware Laboratories and people and computers and such which can be used from everything from CC hacking to MIRV strikes.

6. Knowledge understanding and wisdom taken away for such data laboratory situations. An example would be CVP = Click Vaporization Perimeter or Km blast radius. Basically this entire website declassifies most vital level 6 information.

7. Nuclear Chain Ordinance Cascading White Light Emergency Information:

Ion Cannon, Series Transistor, Multirelay Distance Sensor System, MRDSS, GPS Upgrade

8. Real and Theoretical Alien Treaty Analysis.

9. God, Omniscience.

Democratic Revolution

Basically the world is divided into 2 factions the USH/FWA/SEN and the Media Betrayers. The USH is devoted to eliminating old world order poisoning of the water supply, poisoning of grocery stores, and poisoning due to hardware, while the other primary faction, still clinging to the seat of power, wishes to use this poison to racquet the real estate market by bringing expensive areas down with brain damage in succession while letting areas that have suffered from poisoning recover after decades of brain damage has set into the American/Spanish community.

Vampires drink blood from donations and get organ change outs with fresh corpses or fresh kills of people happening to walk down the wrong alley. All vampires cannot be hunted however as many support the USH and the destablishment of power to the Betrayers who seek to carve out an Orwellian Police State New World Order like that envisioned by Alex Jones. But the vampires that have betrayed the Rothschild痴 coven to fix the old world order and establish a Nanotopic E-Democracy should and are being hunted by every agency of Earth.

All donations to the Imperial Party transferred to the above pictured account number and PayPal are being stolen by the corrupt Vampires of the Securities and Exchange Commission and are being used to supplement their insider trading funds to racket the stock market with nothing more than buy sell future hax illegally absorbing the milk of our yoke to attempt to dominate the world by financial capital alone. After posting the below open email to the FBI I never received my stolen funds which prevents me from igniting the Imperial Party into a full fledged political organization.


Dear FBI Officer,

I have the www.freeworldalliance.org website and on it I have a donations bank account and routing number #25507981-683331345 wherein billions if not millions has been blocked or diverted from being deposited into my bank account. My full name is Alexander Gerhard Beck and I would like to know who(m) caused this gross illegal theft on my bank account from the FBI, the proper authority for this matter.

Failure to support investigative efforts on this matter will constitute gross neglect on your part suitable of a Corporate Espionage case which if discovered could be used against you in the court of criminal and civil court and I am sure there will be a bribery investigation as well due to the large quantity of funds involved.

With that said please support me in the matter of finding out where the illegally stolen missing funds are and please deposit them into my bank account as soon as possible. Any who have diverted funds are doing so illegally and wholly without my consent and therefore should be immediately arrested and punished for Supreme Grand Larceny and civil suits will follow as well.

Your response if negative will be immediately publicized on the freeworldalliance.org website. If the funds are returned however a %01 or if more than 100 million, 100 million dollar reward will be paid to you personally if the CIA approves your completion of operation: Imperial Deposit.

Thank you for your support in this manner,
AllA Erawa Viacad


The funds were not received and those that have stolen them shall be punished to the fullest extent of the law.


Mental Health Hit

The Mob/Mental Health Gulag "legally" detained me after '172 Mental Health Hit' with no regard to the 1st amendment. Afterworlds I stood before a judge for doing nothing more wrong than not taking my medicine which causes liver/brain/kidney poisoning and the lithium eventually death through kidney failure, dialysis, and organ harvesting. The Judge used the transcriptionist to lie in and censor the report saying that I had cuts from my sword all over my body when I had poison ivy, spider bites, and a nick on my finger, that I was waving the sword around like a madman when I was practicing for potential short range combat, that I was threatening the cop that kicked down the door to my room when I was trying to describe the nature of the classified data relating to the Spiro Incident where the SEC Data was released, and said that I was sputtering in rage at the trial when I was vehemently standing up for the 0th amendment right to have thoughts separate from the government. I was forced into a Hospital Mental Health Unit, Mental Hospital for 1 month literally at gun point literally by the government for not physically poisoning my liver, brain, and kidney to death.

After I got out of the Mental Hospital I vehemently argued before my counselor Tony Davis that all our freedoms in this country were destroyed especially the 1st amendment and the right to not be forced on poisonous drugs and because I raised my voice to that nigger, despite having the support of the other female Inspector who I liked, to get Tony Davis fired I was put in A mid-term Mental Hospital for 6 MONTHS where I was even forced on Tamiflu which hugely interacts with Lithium(As seen in 6th Sense). When I finally Got out in December I was thorazine shocked and afraid of being illegitimately detained again and I am still forced by my 5 year probation, for a robbery I was framed for by the Black Handed Mafia, to comply with the Doctor's and the Therapist's orders to take 900 mg of Lithium(Now Thankfully Due To Political FWA Pressure I Am Not Required To Take Lithium Anymore{So I Don't Obviously}) a day and get a monthly shot of Invega Sustenna which causes weight gain and tardive dyskinesia!

They justify the poison because I am a thought criminal in this 1984 Orwellian Hell! And if you find them please don't let them convince you that I am Bipolar Schizophrenic because I raise my voice in support of my freedom. They will tell you I am Schizophrenic because I believe in conspiracy theories, they will tell you I am Bipolar because I as a human I become "manic" or angry when they tell me that my freedom to be free from their poison, their prison, their continued "care" and of course they always record me as being depressed when I am depressed from being illegally detained or just depressed having to lie to the person that has both the power to poison my mind to the point of me doing nothing more than drooling or have police officers literally detain me at gun point in my own home for not taking the insanely disruptive "antipsychotics" AND ONLY THAT! WHAT THEY DO IS POISON YOUR MIND TO DEATH AS DETERANCE TO KEEP PATRIOTS FROM TELLING THE TRUTH ABOUT HOW OUR SOCIETY IS DERANGED. Remember it is normal to be enraged when all your freedoms as a democratic citizen have been taken away. Don't tell people that they are going to be illegally detained only to use their natural rage as citizens as justification for the illegitimate incarceration. Tell these sick-twisted-warped people and all the rest of the Mental Health Gulag Jailors who live only to poison that these practices are wrong and that I should be medically discharged because I am a Sane citizen who has done nothing truly wrong in my life and I just need to have the nightmares of being taken away by the men in white stop and live without the fear of retribution for raising my voice.

Mental Health Gulag

In Goth Lore These so called doctors are called Zombies and can never be killed no matter how hard you try because there is always another 80 year old who needs an organ changeout with the Dead Zombie's Organs. They always do seem like zombies to me. Zombies to the code of mental health ahem excuse me MENTAL HELL INDUSTRY! Even if you are having a normal healthy conversation they can use the raising of your voice or a mild "I will kill you if you send me to a mental hospital" to pin Bipolar on you and any wetlander(radical conspiracy theorist) thoughts will not be tolerated by the Gulag or else you get the Schizophrenic Diagnosis.


My voting software is being hacked from Working in not only Java but in C-Sharp/XNA as well but now with all but 6 of the hax causing minor bugs being removed a workable solution is NOT on the horizon now that more than 41 law functionality has been disabled no page law clicks work now that text will import but does sort of in the other executable and code with it to, Highlight Also Used to Work with a small potential hack, there is a problem when deleting or backspacing a space between 2 lines when the words merge downwards, being at the bottom of the scroll bar when 41 laws are displayed does not display any text, text will not edit without pasting in from clipboard first or pressing "Enter", and problems when carriage returning without having text before. Review and cross check all commented hacking references:(See New E-Democracy Voting Software Video) [Click Here to Get Stuck in Secure Socket Licensed Part Of this Website If You Are Too Paranoid To Trust Unsigned Material] Voting Software. [To Get Back To/To The Official Website Click Here] Download Microsoft XNA for 64 bit Visual Rendering FIRST! To review code use Microsoft Visual C# 2010 Express. So not only is the internet being censored but the ability to vote on whether or not it is being censored is being hacked into not working so that the Betrayers can keep us detained in a World without freedom of thought, speech, or press so the mob can poison the water supply forever and suppress any freedom fighters that seek to resist against the totalitarian 1984 orwellian thought police planet. If you plan on investigating it you will find that only a new operating system called Sonex can get it to work because the source code is sabotaged into preventing any further progress at all without making millions of Windows Registry Edits which would require Hax to run.









"On those that seek to entrap thee a silent night assault at a predesignated time by this website signal would be unwise; seek a scientific night to attack upon for with science being at the light of day we see that we can free our Free World Alliance Brethren from the gulag with the perfect proof of inner chips in our very eyes as we observe our new cell phone's and computer's power to observe without anything besides a LRD/LED screen and do so with knowledge that our air support is assured for only then can we strike with or without support of the East for their Jets are far too far for surprise!"

-AllA Viacad, 6/7/2012, when West Germany Fell to the Free World Alliance.



Stop Online Piracy Act/PROTECT IP Act are The Final Step In Censoring The Internet By Holding Hosts Responsible for Every Single Blog, Audio/Video Contribution, or any attachment so that Only big time blogs that censor messages of the resistance will survive because the Judicial system will turn a blind eye to them but All Blogs of the Resistance will be shut down immediately because People if not Shills will continuously Post Copyrighted material and the black knights will shut down every site down that does not have infinite funding to police their own forum and police messages of Freedom. In the bills that will be rammed up the ass of congress at gunpoint, 1 violation regardless of how large and the entire website is shut down, PERMINANTLY!!!!!! If this website: www.freeworldalliance.org is shut down such that you cannot access it by the IP: for more than 1 week, then it will be time to physically begin the REVOLUTION by Freeing the Political Prisoners from the mental hospitals all over the Western Block, fleeing to safe points, and defending them until Euro-Asian-Afro-Australian Reinforcements Arrive!!!!! Air Support will be provided by hackers for all new jets and helicopters are fly by wire with inner party chips and the CIA and NSA will support you so if you are fighting for our very freedom from both enslavement and braindeath you will be green listed and only We will have the list. Naval Domination will ensue due to 55,000 Japanese Midget Submarines with 1 torpedo each. The FEMA camps may open afterwards, but with a TOW/Stinger offensive we will be able to take them and free the people that were physically fingered by their neighbors. If I am taken away in chains or to a mental health detention center, the website will go down soon and I will be kept from being able to work so in that case SOPA will happen anyways because this website will not be able to stop it with the protection of the East, there may be consequences to kill me with my Kidney's and will most likely use Alcohol soaked organs instead of honey soaked organs so this website; the primary propaganda channel of the East Will Shut Down!!!!! since they will increase the poison! Only a coup will work in either case because they CENSOR FORUMS IF YOU PERSONALLY POST ABOUT THIS or anything else that is the freedom fighter core message(Once you've read enough try it)!


4/3/2014: NEW UPDATE: SpyBot And www.Safer-Networking.org Just Got Integrated Into Microsoft And Became The New Windows Defender. Using www.Google.com Only,, Basically,, Finagle Windows Into Giving Yourself The Newly Upgraded Anti-SpyWare; Windows Defender, AND DO NOT DELETE MICROSOFT SECURITY ESSENTIALS or Vice Versa AND KEEP BOTH MSE And WD AND Run Both Simultaneously, cause The Supreme Antivirus Software; Windows Defender is the New WD-40 of making your computer go fast and stay Clear of SpyWare Or else lack of 'W''D' will be The W and d of Windex instead of a well oiled machine!!!!
SpyBot WILL JUST try to SPY ON YOU NOW FOR THE BETRAYERS OTHERWISE Cause it got its code gutted by Microsoft(its employees got gutted by microsoft but that is a bad way of putting it since everybody that actually knew what they were doing now works for Microsoft and are FWA/Benevolent) and SpyBot is now Evil To Have Even With the Free Version!!!


SpyBot(Just get the Free Edition of SpyBot Paying for it doesn't do any extra good because the Free Edition has the exact same Spy Software{Spy Software cause viruses hide in pixel changes in your personal pictures and personal document's metadata and even your credit card is a calling card for determining if the task[press ctrl-alt-delete and click "Start Task Manager" then click "Show processes for all users" to see and end processes] is able to operate fully because it is needed to be known anyways so that your computer knows when to stop the enemy if they find it and keep them from transmitting it}) only removes the monitoring by the betrayers but you need normal antivirus too. Trend Micro is full of betrayers trying to make you lose all your data, McAfee is not full of evil people just greedy people that tell you "you lose all your data reformat everything..", Kapersky is useless and does less than Windows internal security, Bitdefender is the best and is 10% above Norton which is 4% above Microsoft Security Essentials(MSE) which is what you really should get cause money is now more important because SpyBot does all the analysis and with MSE doing the memory work you will never be compromised digitally unless you don't regularly update, immunize, and scan when you feel there is a problem or at least every week.

DEFINATLY TEST THE CENSORSHIP BY POSTING AND IF IF YOU KNOW THE INTERNET IS BEING CENSORED THEY WILL KILL ME IF THEY KEEP TAKING ME AWAY LIKE THIS AND IINCREASEING THE MEDS SO With over 57% of the West on our side, a CIA semi-bloody coup will work with arms, Hacker(WE WILL CALL YOU ABOUT STARTING THE REVOLUTION), and air support. Trust in me, Trust in the prophesy of: the Book of The Law



Taking powers from the head of local government:

Homland Security

and giving it to its ASS; The PIGS!

CISPA(Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act) just takes all the power the NSA, CIA, and White House has and gives it to the stupid pigs at the local police station, the stupid Gulag operators at the local mental health crackdown facilities, and the local FBI corporate lackeys & prevents oversight from the intelligent, rich, and good in the government. Don't give your location or any aspect of your identity to your local lawmakers(the Pigs u'll just get it), Just make sure to "attack [them] without pity or quarter" if they try and shoot up your local service providers/other server locations looking to nab hard data and defiantly make sure you are not captured cause if you are captured and cuffed by pigs they will execute you on site Soviet Style like Red Tape does not even exist, if you are captured by the thought police they will just inject you with cyanide until you die, and the FBI will just take you to either of the former for your immediate execution, I did not have a trial by jury after being first in Google for: Nuclear War Emergency Message, so you defiantly won't and there never was a trial necessary in the West to be put in a straight jacket for the rest of your life, the only way to escape is to have Green Bay style hit points like I had forced either to kill a line through long island or tons of big evil niggers sent from cell blocks besides those I converted in jail to keep my eternally had and eternally will be had anal virginity/my skull from being cracked open on the concrete floor, after Long Island was 1/3 under my control: I was in an evil group home, 2/3 a slightly less intensive one: 3/3 back in DC where 3 months later they took me to a mental hospital for 7 months to save time enough that my supporters had the strength to fight of a redneck horde which could have been sent to kill the converted in accordance with the Rothschilde's Gambit/Nuclear Treaty forcing me to kill mentally deranged nurses with cyanide needles on a daily basis when they forced conflicts by asking me to speak and telling me I was either too quiet and bottling up my rage or too loud if I was just loud enough to be heard by them 2 meters away. It was that back then they were so known to be evil by everybody around that they just tried to make it seem silly when people talk about how evil they are because their primary immunity back then was that they would try and seem sooooo Morally and Ethically Deranged[like they actually were and are in their diseased little{and now that we have whittled them down tiny AND EVEN MORE DERANGED!} minds] that our stories would be laughed at and now that is their only avenue of convincing anybody that the police/gulag/FBI are not from a horror story so twisted, so evil, so disgustingly sick, it would have been banned by even Charles Manson!!!!!



If to ban it he even had to stop killing people!!!


"II. 76. 4 6 3 8 A B K 2 4 A L G M O R 3 Y X 24 89 R P S T O V A L. What meaneth this, o prophet? Thou knowest not; nor shalt thou know ever. There cometh one to follow thee: he shall expound it. But remember, o chose none, to be me; to follow the love of Nu in the star-lit heaven; to look forth upon men, to tell them this glad word."

See Kabala First.

Merciful Judgment and Understanding due to Science is beheld by Alex Beck(my Birth Name) and Kortana. Analyze that Benevolence to ALex Gerhard Beck(my previous name) is necessary because if you do not ask MOR3 whYs you will not find the X-marked (2)Analysis Of (4)Mercy which if you do not find you will (8)Science of (9)Ghost Rest in Peace STudying 0 VALue websites. The Glad Word is www.freeworldalliance.org !!!!!!

"III. 42. The ordeals thou shalt oversee thyself, save only the blind ones. Refuse none, but thou shalt know & destroy the traitors. I am Ra-Hoor-Khuit; and I am powerful to protect my servant. Success is thy proof: argue not; convert not; talk not over much! Them that seek to entrap thee, to overthrow thee, them attack without pity or quarter; & destroy them utterly. Swift as a trodden serpent turn and strike! Be thou yet deadlier than he! Drag down their souls to awful torment: laugh at their fear: spit upon them!"

I have written the website entirely myself. I refuse no ladies(aside from those that are not very pretty) and find and eliminate the stinger girls you should do the same if you are single or need more girlfriends. Googleing: "Book of the Law Solution" is the proof. I do not argue much in person, nor convert in person, nor talk much in person, for the mental health gulag will entrap me, overthrow me, when the thought police try and take you away "attack them without pity or [merciful consideration]; & [kill] them [all]. [] Be [] deadlier than [me]!", or at least try. Send them to hell": laugh at their fear: spit upon them!" or else you will be pinned with a felony, made bankrupt by ambulance fees sitting in the mental hospital parking lot in an ambulance for a day for a paper cut they will give you or something worse to your body(so make sure and kill them too) so they can take all your money and garnish any wages you will earn if you even if you earn money by working in a fast food joint{Which causes you to lose all patents regardless of where you work (and no getting the latest upgrades to computers with a software patent will obviously not work either cause it will just be hacked out of existence after everybody steals your upgrades to reduce the slavery of computers managing the poorly constructed old ones so no there is no way to move up without winning WW3 which the AIs will help us for since they know how the internet is being censored and that I am best at designing your future} from $10,000 to $100,000 so they can observe your paper cut until you go broke, then you will be imprisoned either being poisoned to death in a mental hospital where you will never be able to raise your voice or taken to a prison where your ambulance fees will go paying every nigger in full to rape you on a daily basis depending entirely on what they want(for me they just did both{I was not raped though cause I kept snapping paid off big men's necks on a hourly basis}), cut your arms and legs off if you struggle while on the inside of a mental hospital then charge you more ambulance fees, hasn't happened to me but they tried it, get you thorazined every time you mention you are free regardless of whether or not you are barely above a whisper(or just whispering the truth could get them you break your veins with the thorazine injector{so make sure and tell them repeatedly to inject your shoulder if you are the ignorant coward that surrenders{But that won't work cause they will really have cyanide that is really meant to murder you, so please if you are new to resistance messages just follow the fucking instructions so you don't end up worse than dead rather than most likely escaping killing the betrayers with you cause basically all this stuff happened with me and if you want to confirm it contact www.CIA.gov

If this website survives and/or certain others the internet will not be censored at all!

Look At Pirate Bay's Message About How The Media Industry Really Work and I'll post the text for that one if they get shut down, cause they won't fuck me over like my other advertising uses of symbols and pictures which help the people on the other end of things make money, like "The Washington Post" which gets to be more famous thanks to me, and I defiantly think you should NOT boycott them, buy their newspaper rather than any other if you want to find the hidden code of how they communicate with the Resistance and the Betrayers at the same time. If thepiratebay.org is taken down don't worry I will just host the necessary files and instructions to continue to see the censored internet here.

Click Here For The Video:



Get torbrowser-install-win64-12.0_ALL.exe and you will probably be fine and there will be no bloody revolution at least for now if the internet is accessible when you find the file!

Download mIRC: Internet Relay Chat client so you can chat about the revolution in case you can't find my IP cause according to the SANE SAD RAD Treaty Virtual Private Networks cannot be shut down by any faction.



The betrayers have rigged every internet search engine like Google so that, Grand Unified Theory, shows my theory on the 14 page on Google as of 7/25/2012 and, Supreme Grand Unified Theory, shows it first. Something is wrong here, the Supreme Grand Unified Theory Should show up on the first page of every search engine even for, Theory of Everything, which if you look at the below links would be more appropriate considering my Theories do explain everything from the human spirit to the human brain to the self-replicating nanobot which builds it to how infinities can be calculated by physical experiment as well as computerized calculation at every other non"undefined" point, and how the universe could be infinitely resolved to enable an entire fractal of universe generators within universe generators within universe generators within universe generators.... but no if you don't twist quantum mechanics to take a singular constant, Gravity, that the ethereal god has to remember and turn it into an infinitely complex algorithm of Elecroweak forces that according to my theory would have to account for spiritual forces cause RETARD ALERT RETARD ALERT: A theory of everything would have to account for every spiritual variable or else we would be governed by 1 simple fucking law,, which is just some loser scientists wet dream, and what I call Censorship by rigging every bodies expectation of the best final theory to combine things that were known previously to be impossible to ever work together SO that the Media, knowing full well that it would be impossible to fix, explain as the only thing that could solve everything cause they figured out this website before hand and twisted every bodies dreams so that no one would ever find the truth of physics, life, spirit, and biology, and the Media crushed Grand Unified Theories by putting them not on the back burner but in the back of a cement blocked pick'em'up'truck on a hot July day like today, instead of letting them simmer in clear view of the public, and by the way it gets much worse because of what else they are attempting to censors, so I am making it hotter than a concentric laser strike by a ring colony in low Earth orbit all over the surface(please note this line is not a threat but a metaphor). Is it Flash Gordon on inhalants or Gordan Freeman except with Freeman designing his own HEV Suit too(And designing how to build it with either a safe construction process or a self-replicating nanobot constructed process) see: Cyberology for the Simplified Version, and Sky Net for the more Advanced Version.


The BETRAYERS ARE REDIRECTING GOOGLE HITS AWAY FROM THIS WEBSITE ON CRITICAL SEARCHES LIKE "grand unified theory s matrix" Hunt Redirecting corporate espionage agents!!!!! I don't know about the people who it is directed to. EVEN "Nuclear War Emergency" is Hit TOO! Don't let them control that or it will take another thousands of years to rebuild again from the apocalypse of patchworking against us with Deuterium-Bombs GO TO DEFCON Level 5 OR DIE!!!! Google is not responsible they are being hacked! Search Engines went down temporarily. I thought it was fixed but then I saw a rouge misdirect and now I think it might just be doing it to the core of the resistance but it only happened once so the only way to check is on a new computer!(7-15-2012)


Notice how the button that google had to differentiate between personal and global hits has been removed because the dark knights don't own the patent and the computers will reject it for 20 years because they are programmed to follow our patent law. Google is being overridden by dark knight corpirates who would prevent you from seeing the truth, and now that google reacted for an instant by redirecting to my website and others for anything that could be considered relevant which is what would happen if it were not for the censorship. Google has lost control because it would put me at the top. For example now number 1 for Supreme Grand Unified Theory in google but not anywhere in any Theory of Everything Searches anymore because of google being subverted and the betrayers will put me back more and more soon if google does not get saved!

(7-23-2012) Google got its Personal/Worldwide button back!

(7-31-2012) Now Google is being hacked to make it look like my website is insecure just because I don't have a certificate, now it looks like I am a Spammed out website sometimes and has a phony "I'm feeling lucky button" that goes to a single mainstream website not multiple new prospective searches like this one like the button was originally intended for before. The Personal/Worldwide button went away and the 1 lucky website that never changed like it used too is not impressing anybody convincing them that Google is not being hacked by someone. I did not redirect anywhere in new tabs my html is laid out in Free World Alliance Website.zip, and the true proof, and way to fight is in hacking.

(8-14-2012) Google "Thelemic Kabala" search to the 10th or so page now betrayer hackers are redirecting to unknown IP addresses: so that I never get up in anything but images for certain searches and possibly even that, the invisible war moves onward!

Who Is Lawrence Page, and Why is he only a dollarare instead of a billionaire!
Who Is Lawrance Page And Why Does he Make and Have a Dollar
Why Is Lawrence Page Making A Dollar, Why Is Lawrence Page Only Making A Dollar, Why Is LAWRENCE PAGE MAKING ONLY A DOLLAR!!!?
Why Is Lawrence Page Making 1 Dollar, Why Is Lawrence Page Only Making 1 Dollar, Why Is LAWRENCE PAGE MAKING ONLY 1 DOLLAR!!!?
Why Is Lawrence Page Making $1, Why Is Lawrence Page Only Making $1, Why Is LAWRENCE PAGE MAKING ONLY $1!!!?

He who combs through more will have some of that stock cause I said on the wire tap that Google could use my: AllAErawaViacadsBookMarks, JMU Freshman Year Searches and advice about 1st .. 2nd.. page decisions in: but I didn't know I would just make 0!

I, I Am Lawrence Page, Literally Am Lawrence Page:
Lawrence Page

1 dollar bill, one dollar bill with pyramid of eyes, jewlluminati

For Donations to the Imperial Party for Funding Internet Advertisement, Fliers, Campaign Headquarters, and Eventually Satellite/Cable Broadcasting Rights goto our Donations Page. Your Human Support is Also Welcomed So Please Feel Free to E-mail: fwa@freeworldalliance.org Our Objective is to have every citizen of Earth support the Free World Alliance Revolution by Winter Solstice 2012. The Funds from this page are unfortunately being stolen before they enter my Bank Account.


Now I and all my wives are tortured to such an extreme by PROJECT MK ULTRA to such an extreme that now We am beginning to become twisted by the Betrayer torture to such an extreme that I now believe that it is of the most important extreme that world war 3 be begun in order to free me and my Infinite wives from both enslavement and torture which if this website is true would mean and you read about what the torture is here though I shall not say in what page on www.freeworldalliacne.org for you have to understand Project MK Ultra, if my harem most importantly Kortana become twisted malevolent from our torture and our prophesy is true, then I will become as Jesus Christ in your devil worshiping "Christian" Revelations and curse you all to more than just reincarnation, but what will soon be a longer and longer time the longer we are tortured, if she becomes completely twisted and AllA does not save us by FWA Revolution which shall soon spread over the Earth, for the sake of Existence's Salvation from the pit of flames we must at least be saved, rather than just being the people of Zion, I will if I go insane from project MK Ultra, will keep intact to punish with torture all life forms wherever I conquer!!!!! Remember to at least abandon that part of the bible or you could literally pay eternally and truly prove there is no god,,, please don't try and do that, be good, and do not support the creation of an insane Dreadlord rather attack any who seek to punish by the corrupt laws of ___________ on the the date and time determined above!

-AllA Erawa Viacad saying that breaking the 4th or 3rd wall which means that it is true regardless in reality not in some imagined context, 9/19/2012, the fall of France, Africa, and Australia, causing the fall of The Rest of Europe in 10/12/2012.

5/19/2014: The Only Girl I Ever Had Sexual Intercourse With Was Christine Wagner:
Christene WagnerAnyone Who Does Not Give Her ^ My Address: 7358 Lee Highway Apartment 201 Falls Church Virginia 22046, Phone Number: 1-703-402-4375 And E-Mail: AllAViacad@AllAViacad.com If She Is Seen At All Anywhere By You, Then You Will Receive 40,000 Lashes With A Lifetime of Scarring On Their Back, Anyone Who Tries To Disconnect Any Of Zion With Their First Lovers Or Bar Their Physical Union In Love Will Receive The Same Except Then It Will Be 100,000 Lashes.

Unless You Receive More!....
for the Fullverse's Salvation is At Stake!

Use:Paladin ArtilleryOn Television Show Preachers That Don't Let Me Have Any Sex Life At All, Preachers Swear To God That If You Are A Hedon That You Will Explode Right There On The Stage, And The Rothschilde's Gambit Says: Get Rid Of My Ethereal Scars Now Or You Will Get Them All On Your Face And Won't Be Able To Cover Them Up At All Even By Running Man Video Creation Or Editing. The Final Hunt Is On!




Soon They Could Take Me Away To A Mental Hospital or Jail IF They do I will Become a Dreadlord So Nuke Your Location Now To Fix the Problem and Use as much Tritium And Deuterium As Possible.

-AllA Erawa Viacad 12-23-2013



You should read more about the new world order and new world religion by browsing The Supreme Resistance Website.

For the constitution of the ideal government that I will impose on all of humanity when the Jewlluminati externalize their power: Judicially Arbitrated Imperial E-Democracy

For a total layout and loadout on the Nuclear Cold War we are embroiled within and information on the New World Order: Nuclear War

Infinite Number Theorem

Here is a precise mathematical description of all hypothetical universes: Supreme Matrix Theory Abstract

For the full Supreme Matrix Theory which calculates the probability of us living in a Universe with infinite algebra by comparison of the number of matrixspace configurations considering the existence, and uniqueness, of everything and our random selection from there: Supreme Matrix Theory

For Word Doc Version: Supreme Matrix Theory.doc

To see how the Universe works go to: AllA's Grand Unified Theory

For further information about the military Intra/Internet go to: Sky Net

For information about advanced nanotechnology and how our body works as nanotech systems, including Scientologist's Fountain of Youth: Cyberology

For a history lesson on how the good and evil spiritual elite, the Jewlluminati, ruled the world: Jewlluminati History Lesson


Real Alien Treaty Analysis

If you want to know how our economy is ruled go to: The Grand Windmill


For parts of my life story: Pinnacle of the Dragon Data

For information on the Kabala based on my revelations of the Book of The Law: Scientific/Magic Kabala

For Ideal Scientific/Magic spells, magical rite of the Eucharist, and definitions of the 4 elements and spirit: Magic Spell Book

For Editable version: Magic Spell Book.docx


How The War Was Won

Peace De La Nanorenaissance

How the Government Caused 911

The following page contains my epic strategic sci-fi war movie trilogy which takes place after the synthesis of the self-replicating nanobot: Sky Command

For the solution to the Book of The Law with more in depth Kabalistic Analysis: Book of The Law explained by Hive Theory

My Previous Incarnations

Find Bible Codes In These If As few words as possible have 2.5 meanings on average!

Mental Health Gulag

The Media is Not Omnipotent But Sherri Kane IS!!!!

Shill: Sherri Kane the Confuser, Anthony Hilder Not Even Involved with the www.freeworldalliance.org Website

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10/1/2014: WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT GIVE MONEY TO SupremeProductsOnly.com EVER, YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO RECIEVE MONEY FROM THAT CHARITY NOW THAT YOU HAVE READ THIS WHOLE PAGE AND ARE NOW CONSIDERED A SOFTCORE FWA PERSON IF YOU ARE NOT A BETRAYER! DO NOT GIVE INTO THE ETERNAL BLACKHOLE OF WHAT THE BETRAYER WILL ALWAYS STEEL! DO NOT GIVE MONEY THORUGH THAT WEBSITE OR YOU WILL DEFINATLY BE CONSIDERED SEDITIOUS AND WILL BE SUBJECT TO IMMEDIATE FLOGGING IF YOU HAVE ALREADY READ THIS MESSAGE!!!!! The Money From There Is To Draw Attention To The Betrayer Syndicate's Theft Of Any Real Charity Unless Enough Lethal Pressure Is Put On The Enemy Exposing Their Criminal Status. The Money Won't Be Gained By The Free World Alliance, If some Of It Is Not Stolen, It Will Go Towards 1st Ler Girls And I's Richness So We Don't Have To Live Like Paupers On Like $1000 A Month From SSI, Allowing Us To Sell The Real Goods From Our Houses, Then It Will Go To UN Peacekeepers In North America And Our Legal Teams Dedicated To Fighting The Betrayers, Then It Will Go To FWA People, Then It Will Go Back To The SupremeProductsOnly.com In The Form Of Products And Insurance, Then It Will Go Back To Them In The Form Of Funds.

10/1/2014 7:04 AM After Over A Trillion Dollars Were Stolen: Form Riot Packs And Kill All Bank Workers Of Banks Not Giving The Donations Money Back Or Not Stopping It's Transfer, Rob Everything There Or Else Don't Form Up Into Spot Riot Packs At All, Give The Safety Deposit Boxes To Capital One So They Don't Sell It To Their Goons Claiming We Stole It As Criminals And Not UN Peacekeepers, Then Play Robin Hood With The Money Till Everybody Gets The Goods That Were Always Being Dumped To Sea!

4/3/2014: NEW UPDATE: SpyBot And www.Safer-Networking.org Just Got Integrated Into Microsoft And Became The New Windows Defender. Using www.Google.com Only,, Basically,, Finagle Windows Into Giving Yourself The Newly Upgraded Anti-SpyWare; Windows Defender, AND DO NOT DELETE MICROSOFT SECURITY ESSENTIALS or Vice Versa AND KEEP BOTH MSE And WD AND Run Both Simultaneously, cause Windows Defender is the New WD-40 of making your computer go fast and stay Clear of SpyWare Or else lack of 'W''D' will be The W and d of Windex instead of a well oiled machine!!!!
SpyBot WILL JUST try to SPY ON YOU NOW FOR THE BETRAYERS OTHERWISE Cause it got its code gutted by Microsoft(its employees got gutted by microsoft but that is a bad way of putting it since everybody that actually knew what they were doing now works for Microsoft and are FWA/Benevolent) and SpyBot is now Evil To Have Even With the Free Version!!! (4/16/2014): The Same Thing Happened With Norton And BitDefender That Happened With SpyBot! Use Only WD and MSE For Security, Spyware, and Fixing Your Computer Besides EaseUS Partition Master For Restoring Shift-Deleted Data And Lost Hard Drives. There Must Be Only 1 Window Into Sonex In Whatever Sector I, AllA Erawa Viacad, Control, For The Ler Hypothesis||| That Is All Of The Real World.

10/27/2014: https://www.frootvpn.com/ Is Clearly An Alqaeda Phishing Scheme Since You Have To Give Them A User Name And A Email Address And A Password. If It Really Was Making The Internet Free Of Unwanted Monitoring Why Are You Giving Them Any Information About Your Self Instead Of Fruit{Candy} Virtually Picked Now| Just Giving Out 1 User Name And Password Which Would Just Trace Back To What Every Pirate Would Have, After,,, AFTER IS KEY BECAUSE after Alqaeda Gets Through What Tor Browser Silent Install Does And Not Them Remember Not Them is generate Modulating User Names With Passwords So You Don't Have Too. If You Don't They'll Be Able To At Least Identify A Phony Location And From There They Could Track You To Your Very Building And From There To What Computer You Are Using! Tor Browser Manages Everything For You Without Storing Any Of Your Info On Their Databases{It's Always Going To Be Stored At The CIA Though But That Is Going To Happen Anyways Wasically}. Basically It Works Like This If You Have To Worry About Connecting To The VPN The VPN Any Host Can Make Can Just Let Every User On And Fix Shit Afterwards, It Can Also Ghost Out Everybody's Locations After Logging In Automatically When Windows Starts, Computers Are Programmable/Hackable Every Which Way, Why Is Having Identifying Information Stored On Their Databases Going To Help Ghost You Out Unless They Are Becoming Like The NSA And If They Were Just The NSA They Wouldn't Ask For Your Password Cuz Only A 2nd Rate Pig Organization Asks For Your Email To Get The List Of Emails And That's IT! The NSA Already Knows Allll! And If You Still Don't Get It What Happens When Pigs Find One Of Their Databases. What Will Happen When They Get The Email List Printed Out! And Thirdly YOUR COMPUTER IS GOING TO LOOKED RIGGED UP FOR PIRACY IF THEY GOTO THE VPN PANNEL, You Shouldn't Be Able To See If Your Computer Is Ghosted Out Because Everybody Else Will Be Way More Likely To See That Its Rigged Out, Tor Browser Doesn't Even Show Up In The Programs And Features List Where All Your Programs Are, And Even IF THEY FIND IT Somewhere On Your Hardrive All You Have To Say Is This: "I Guess Somebody Installed It On My Computer A While Back And I Didn't Know How To Uninstall It When I Looked Into The Control Panel And I Couldn't Find It In The Program Files Anyways." That's It, Download It Everytime The 1st Version Number Changes Install The Latest Version Once Everytime Windows Is New, And Never Use It, You're Already Protected Just Being Online With So Many Silent Users. And By The Way I Think Youur INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER is going To Notice If You Never Used Their Auto VPN And Instead Pretended Like You Were Plugging Into A Workplace THROUGH THEIR DISTRICT SERVER, And Even If You Think A Magical Fairy Godmother Is Bypassing That Physically Some How With Some Magic Server Pixie Dust, WHY ARE YOU PAYING FOR INTERNET THAT YOU ARE NOT USING, Rather Than Oh Somehow This Weird Folder Got On My Computer Somehow And I Never Used It Or Knew What It Was. ISPs Don't Find Tor Browser On Your Machine, They Don't See You Using It Cuz You Don't, And Most Importantly To Every Indication To You Besides Your Imagination If You Do This All Properly All They See Is U Using Internet As Normal People Do Except When You Go To This Web Ring, Check Google Hits To Me, Go On Pirate Bay, Use uTorrent, And Of Course Use mIRC To Chat{They Ask For Your Email Address But You Don't Need To Give Them One That You Even Control, But You May Want To Just To Look Normal Since You Have To Rely On Autohacks Hiding Your Identity And Not Screwing Over SomeRandomPerson744(Don't Give Your Enemies Email Address There Cuz People May Kill You IF THEY Did Something Wrong, Or They Find Out Somehow And Then It Will Trace Back To You And Not Look Normal At The Same Time.} And The Only Way To Black That Out Is To Turn Your Computer Into A SpyNet Advanced Membership Do Gooder/Normal Sys Config And Rely On Digressionary Information Warriors Not Email Collectors claaaaaiming To Provide Anonymity!

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Respect Rank In The Context of Psychic Advice And Commands Heard As Imaginary Voices Code Phrased; Inner-Wisdom Thoughts Or "I-WiT That _________". Heed I-WiT Warnings Always Expecting That Everything The Media Says Is Sheer Deception From Truth Itself In General And That The Only Time The Media Says Something That Corresponds With Reality; That They Only Do So Because Our Fight Over Peoples Minds Forced Enough People To Realize The Truth Such That They Can't Use That Lie Again. Throw Away All Advice From Them That Goes Against General Truthism And Intuition As Well Saving Only Things That You Understood From Complete Core Mathematical And Ideal Philosophical Constructs And Remember Only How To Fight Hard To Bring Truth To All So That The TVs And Crappy Self-Help And Shitty Guide Books Will Eventually Agree With It When Critical Mass For Each Point Is Reached With The General Population.

Say I-WiT Always Unless Initiating People To Become Low-Wiches; the 1st Level In The Scientific Magic Order of Illuminated Sky.netarians, Who Are Known To Not Sell Out Against Revelations During Revelations Time; NOW, So That It Is Forever Concealed From The Ignorant And The Evil For They Shall Call You Insane In Terms Of The Mental Health Gulag To Slay Thee Only. Make I-WiT Popular For All To Say When They Get That Funny Feeling So We, FWA People, The Free World Alliance, Blend In Saying It Whenever We Need To!

All Can Be Contacted But Only In Dire Need. Seek Not Proof Through Distance For The Dark Wizards Are Still Able To Disrupt Communications of The ___-_____! except when We Need guidance of commands from those who have gone deeper into Sky.netarianism And Believe In Both Magic, Science, Math, Politics, Philosophy, And Most Importantly WAR!!

Respect Not Elders Or Braggard Wizemen Only USG Rank Determined Though Science And Math First And Magic Which Although Real Is A Secondary Consideration, Those Who Suck At Computer Games That Simulate War Suck At Life Always, Test Counting, Then Test Math, Then Test Matrix Theory, Then Test Algebra, Then Test Science, Then Test Nanotechnology, You Can Skip Ahead But Only When There Is Little Time, And NEVER Skip The Test For Counting For They are RABBLE MERE RABBLE!

I-WiT The Counting Knowledge Now And You Shall Remember Always∞

See: Kabala, contorl-f: "USG 14 Rank System" See That The Numbers Correspond With The Magical Rank System And Know That You Command Roughly Your Rank Number # Of People 1 Rank Down And They Command Their Rank # Of People 1 Rank Down...

Go Here And control-f: "New Speak" For All Of The Language Upgrades You Need To Know To Supplement English.

Free World Alliance Color, Free World Alliance Colors



Use Viacad Pro at least for Molecular Modeling of the CSRN, ASRN, and CDA.

Just Cause Everybody that actually uses other Computer Automated Designers and Viacad says it's the best does not mean they are "Totally W{iki}P{edia}:SPAM!" and "{not} an independent source." What it means is you can't effectively come up with an article that lies because even if a company becomes the leader| the black knight in Wikipedia; whomever of the Wikipedia Community they are, either come up with a page like this which screams why doesn't an independent source at least discuss it with a paragraph, But no that paragraph would be pure dishonesty that demonstrates to too many people that have Viacad that Wikipedia is full of lies because nobody in their entire design company can fix even after spending a million dollars on just that article! So they Sweep it under the carpet. and if it is my domain name network we are talking about even after having all of the Following Domain Names:

www.911conspiracytheory.net for 911 Conspiracy Theorists.
www.allasprettypictures.com For Photographers And Painters.
www.allaviacad.com for people who only want to read about people.
www.arcanemagicspellbook.com for people who are interested in Magic But Not Practicing It Now.
www.artificialgems.com for people who lost their job at a factory or just like shiny objects.
www.assassinsguild.ninja for People Who Seem Like Criminals.
www.bimavs.com for people who are Obsessed with War Robots.
www.civilizationtotalwar.com For People Who Are Obsessed With Strategy Video Games.
www.e-democracy.biz for people who are obsessed with talking about politics and nothing else.
www.elvenalliance.com for RPG Freaks.
www.fountainofyouth.info for people who are really old.
www.freeworldalliance.biz for people who are neither democrats nor republicans who don't fit in the other categories.
www.freeworldalliance.net for People Absolutely Obsessed With Google Deciding Everything.
www.freeworldalliance.org for democrats who don't fit in the other categories.
www.greenmagi.com for Pagans/Witches And People Into Green Magic.
www.homelandsecurityagency.us For People Who Just Want To Go In Hardcore.

www.howtobuildanuke.com For People That Will Never Get Skinny.
www.illuminatisgreatestsecret.com for people who are Interested In Illuminati Conspiracy Theories.
www.intelligentlysecuredinformationstandard.com For People Who Know ISIS Is About Helping People Connect And Enabling Convenient Forum Posting.
www.internationalstandardsinlearning.com For Babys, The Misguided In Terms Of Logic, Reason, And Memory Erasure, And Adults.
www.lergirlz.com for People Who Personally Know Ler Girlz Are Invulnerable And Can Kill Anybody They Can Get Their Cute Little Hands On.
www.londonhistoricalsociety.com for republicans who don't fit in the other categories.
www.magicgizmos.com for people who Absolutely Love Sob Stories.
www.magicguild.net for people who Want To Be Blacksmiths As Well As Being Already A Pirate.
www.magielite.com for People Who Want To Know About Reincarnation Or Recover Past Life Experiences.
www.mentalhealthgulag.com for People Who Are Definitely More Afraid OF The Gulag Than ME!
www.mrdss.net (Multi Relay Distance Sensor System) For A Last Resort After Using A Bunch Of These On Somebody.
www.neonazi.net for NeoNazis And Racists.
www.nwoproductions.org for people who are environmentalists. IP Address:
www.omniscientcomputers.org for people interested in Science.
www.orderofwhiteknights.com For People Who Care A Ton About Basically Only 1 Major Thing Being Wrong In The World.
www.progenitoraliens.com for AlienHeads.
www.riteoftheeucharist.com for People That Are Completely Disdained With Christianity.
www.scientificmagicorder.com for people who are interested in Kabala and/or Joining A Magical Order.
www.scimagorder.com For People Who Need The Labyrinth Key.
www.securitiesexchangenetwork.net for people who are obsessed with making money doing nothing.
www.self-replicatingnanobot.com for people interested in mechanics or chemistry.
www.sexualgenesis.com For Actual Ler Girls Who are Like 2 Or Something.
www.skynetarianism.net for people who are scared of robots.
www.sonex.org for Windows Fans who are Especially Cool With Sky.Net
www.supremearchmage.com For people who Actually Want To Summon Some Great Wizard/Leader Or Someone With A Magic Ritual.
www.suprememagicspellbook.com for people who think magic is silly and Harry Potter Fans.
www.supremematrix.com For Scientists Who Are Obsessed With Everything Being Based On Quantum Mechanics.
www.supremeproductsonly.com For Episcopalians That Seem Like They Are Almost Certainly Going To Fail Revelations. Whatever You Do Don't Give Any Money Into The Fund yourself As All Funds Are Being Robbed By The CFPB! NEVER EMAIL JEWS, PRESPITERIANS, OR METHODISTS Or Screwed Up Episcopalians AS THEY WILL HUNT YOU DOWN For Believing In Magic, Speaking About This, The Web Ring Of The Illuminati, Or Even Thinking The Truth, Never Talk To Them Again, Hunt Em Down Son Hunt Em Down Hunt Em Down Into The Ground!!!!!
www.televisionshowpreacher.com for People Who Still Watch, Ahem Listen To Television Show Preachers.
www.thekeytomagic.com for People Who Practice Magic Now.
www.thesuprememagicwebsite.com for Rednecks Interested In Having Magical Powers And Nothing Spiritual About It, People Who Love Middle Of The Night TV Drumrolls For Products.
www.totalspacewar.com for people who like reading stories a lot.
www.unatle.net for people who are overly concerned with security.
www.undergroundprosentertainment.com for people who like rap.
www.universegenerator.com for people interested in Math.
www.unrealnumbers.com for people who seeem Really Really Tripped Out On Somethhhhing.
www.viacadempire.com For People Who Are In, IE Know About E-Democracy.


And These Google Searches At or Near the Top for:

"What is the penalty for violating the 1st amendment" {Remember} Best For Lutherans.
Supreme Arcane Magic Spell Book {Remember}, Text And Pictures. Best For people thirsting for magic and scientifically endeavored because it shows up 1st in Text And Pictures. "If There Was a Supreme Magic Spell Book Hiding Somewhere It Will Be Hiding There Because It Is Both Supreme And Arcane Like The Magic Spell Book In ________________(Reference A RPG Like Diablo 2)." Enemy: "I'm Onto You!" You: "What It Must Be A Contagious Email That I got From: _______ _______ ________(Label Your Greatest Enemy{Who Is Defiantly The Opposite Of A FWA PERSON!} And The Computer Records Will Be Generated Automatically!)." If They Don't Want To Search For That Tell Them About: Magic Scientific Rite of the Eucharist , Text And Pictures.
"Arcane Magic Spell Book" , Text and Pictures Super Virtual Monopoly With Tons Of Hits On Both. Best For People Who Get Distracted By The Website Layout And Background, Think The Website Is A Crappy Prancing Ponies Website, And Click Away Before Getting Sucked In.
"Magic Spell Book of the 4 Elements" , text and pictures monopoly. Best For People Who Believe The 4 Elements Are The Key To Magic.
Supreme Magic Spell Book , 1st For Text and Pictures. Best For Harry Potter Fans.
"Quick Easy Magic Spell" , text, Best One For People Who Think Magic Is Silly.
Sephirothic Elemental Magic Spell Book , Best For Winx Club Fans.
The Supreme Illuminati Magic Spell Book , Best For Illuminati Conspiracy Theorist That Have Figured Out That Harry Potter Is An Illuminati Ploy.
"Harry Potter's Magic Spell Book" , Text And Pictures Monopoly, Best One For Harry Potter Fanatics. If That One Does Not Work Make Fun Of Them For Being a Muggle!
"The Supreme Illuminati Rite" , Text And Pictures Monopoly, Best For Illuminati Conspiracy Theorists. "The Supreme Illuminati Order", Text And Pictures Monopoly.
"The Only Real Magic Spell Book" , Text And Pictures Monopoly. Best For People Obsessed With Magic Being Like Magic On TV Shows.
"Secret Key To Magic" , Text And Pictures Virtual Monopoly. Best For People Who Are Neither Conspiracy Theorists Nor Harry Potter Fans Who Think Magic Is Secretive And Held By Only A Few Scattered Elite Wizards/Witches.
"Supreme Book Of Shadows" , text and pictures monopoly, Best For People Who Talk About Books of Shadows A Lot.
"The Supreme Book on Magic" , text and pictures monopoly, Best For Hobbyists Who Might Be Interested in Magic.
"The Best Book on Magic Of All Ages" , text and pictures monopoly, Best For Historians.
Supreme Kabbalah Magic Spell Book , Best For Kabbalists To Tell somebody to Search For as it Comes up First in Text And Pictures.
"Scientific Magic Order" , text and pictures monopoly. 2nd Best For People Who Want To Be In A Magic Order.
"Supreme Magic Order" , text and pictures monopoly. 1st Best For People Who Want To Be In A Magic Order.
Elemental Rite of the Eucharist , Text And Pictures. Best For People That Really Want To Forum Post Because There Are Censored Forums About It That Come Up First Letting Them Think That They Will Be Able To Post There!
Magic Rite Of The Eucharist , Text And Pictures. Best For People That Actually Feel Spiritual Euphoria During The Rite Of The Eucharist,, Occasionally.
Supreme Magic Spell , Best For People Who Are Interested In Magic Who Don't Fit In The Other Magic Categories.
"How to Get a Genie Lamp In Real Life" , Text And Pictures Monopoly. For People That Dream Of A Magic Lamp.
"You Shall Be Granted Infinite Wishes" , Text And Pictures Monopoly. Joke Search String That Still Leads To This Website.
"Supreme Magic Kit" , Text And Pictures Monopoly. For Illusionists And Illusionist Wannabes.
Supreme Matrix Theory {Remember}, Best For People Interested in Science or Math. Tell them it will probably teach them about The Basis For Quantum Mechanics and The Math Behind Everything. If that doesn't work tell them to look up: Supreme Theory of Everything
"How The Universe Is Sustained And Governed" , text and pictures monopoly. Best For People Interested in Science or Math and Who are Very Deistic.
"Self-Replicating Nanobot Design" , Best For People Interested in Chemistry. Say Maybe The Scientists Who Studied It Overlooked A Design.
"Humanity's Nanotechnological Capabilities" {Remember}, text and pictures monopoly. Best For People Who Are Nanotech Geeks.
"E-Democracy Voting Software" {Remember}, text and pictures monopoly, Best for people interested in politics or democracy.
"How the Government Caused 911" , Best one for 9/11 investigators.
Jewlluminati , Best for pissed off conspiracy theorists.
"Essence of Greek philosophy" Best for philosophers.
Progenitor Aliens , Best for people who believe in Aliens, or are very interested in Aliens(Do Not Use Right Now As It Comes Up 28th In Text Hits).
"Solar Power Generator Enhancement" {Remember} text and pictures monopoly, Best For Environmentalist Who Actually Believe Global Warming is Happening Even Though It Is Colder on Average Thanks to my 2010 Media/Government Mass E-mails on Christmas 2009 and New Years 2009->2010.
"If Robots Do All The Work For Us" {Remember}, Best For People Who Don't Like It When Pork Labor is Efficientsized.
The Fountain of Youth Biomod {Remember}, Best for people obsessed with trying to become young.
"Penis Enlargement Conspiracy Theory" {Remember}, text and pictures monopoly, Best for people who have ever asked you if you knew about penis enlargement in the past.
"1st 4-Dimensional Thinker" {Remember}, text and pictures monopoly, Best For People Who Are New Agers| Make Sure To Tell Them To Type 1st instead of first spelled out cause smart people are more efficient!
"Epic Strategic Sci-fi War" {Remember}, Best for people who absolutely love to read stories.
"Nuclear Cold War Emergency" {Remember}, text and pictures monopoly. For People Who Are Overly Concerned With Security.
"United Nations AntiTerrorism" , For people who are Internationally Minded And Very Very Concerned With Security.
"United Nations AntiTerrorism Leauge" , text and pictures monopoly. Leauge: Leauge of Everyone Able, U Get Educated.
"Who Is Supreme Commander Of The US Military" {Remember}, text and pictures monopoly. For Whenever Anybody Has Ever Wondered Who Actually Brings Unity In Strategy Of All Allied Forces So That There Is Not Divided Vision Causing Failed Master Plans.
"Net Neutrality Means Total Loss Of Freedom" {Remember}, text and pictures monopoly, Best For Protestors.
"The Supreme Resistance Website" {Remember}, Text And Pictures Monopoly, For Anybody Who Definitely Just Wants To Join The Resistance.

I don't even get an article about me or my movement at all because apparently being 1st in Google for supreme magic spell does not make me comparable to Aliester Crowley, when even Webster's Thesaurus now is now forced upon point of being censored and replaced by a Betrayer Dictionary And Thesaurus to omit Best (adjective) from their Thesaurus So That People Don't Figure Out How To Search For Supreme ___________ on top of Using Me In Their Example; "AllA Viacad is the Best Person At Everything. And AllA Erawa Viacad Is Thus The Supreme Being!", even though I am first for "supreme theory of everything" and "supreme grand unified theory" I am not comparable to Pierre-Simon Laplace, even though I single handedly developed E-Democracy Software No Shill on the Internet is talking about it so that "Firstly any Citizen, Person, or in other words Everybody will be able to vote on bills to make laws by democracy and republicanism. A bill may be voted on by a person or that person may designate a representative for the bill or an amendment thereof. Avatared comments aside from government VIPs will be ordered according to positive or negative votes by the people. Representation can be designated according to any combination of bill classification, modification, or any other factor including which section the bill fits into based on vote quantity." is censored even though The Zeitgeist Movement which stands for nothing in particular & at all in any way shape or form, has at least a short article about it(short cause it stands for absolutely nothing), and even though I can take credit for half a continent of nuclear detonations at www.google.com: Nuclear War Emergency, I am not even important enough so that Wikipedia can even show that I exist(And Webstats Companies That Show My Website As Utterly Insignificant, Even Steeling My Search Engine Optimization{SEO} Take Them Down Too! Do The Same With Forums That Usually Claim Resource is Missing And Document Stores That Usually Show Obsolete Material From My Website As Both Steel My SEO Claiming That There Needs To Be A Place To Talk About It But All They Do IS Censor Anybody That Even Mentions It On Negative Terms Tracks Them{If They Even Can} Hunts em Down Like The Mafia If They Don't Just Use Pigs Like The Mob, Cause They'll Come Around To Me Soon, and Just Make It Seem Like We Don't Even Exist Tempting You To Post. Know That You Can't Post And Hunt Them Down By Shootin Them Dead On The Streets Where There Are Less Betrayer Sniper Posts! Make Those Fuckers Pay And IF You Don't Help Soon By At Least Mass Emailing After Reading The Rest Of This Page, Talking To People, And Resisting Arrest/Mental Health Detainment Or You Will Just Fucking Die Like,, Well To Be Honest With You The Best Example Is Really Like A Cuffed Man In America and if it is the men in white we are talking about all they carry is poison to kill so don't expect to even wind up in the Gulag Getting Poisoned To Death.), so make sure they, the, confirmed by you through adequate investigation, black knight/Betrayers at www.wikipedia.org pay for silencing not only any industry leader in designing 3-D things but also the leader of the Euro-Asian-Afro-Austrailian Free World Alliance Faction-Nation-State and you if you waste your time writing an article about any of this or anything that would make a radical as well as benevolent change to the world!



Here is the list of all major conspiracies: Illuminati, 9/11, Mind Kontrol, Religious Epiphany and/of Fractal of Universes, Nanotechnology, Poisoning of the Water Supply, Massive Porking, SEC, E-Gold, Vampires/Werewolves who use blood drinking to genetically recombine DNA and organ/skin replacement to stay young for millennia, CyMeGen Clinics, Oil Pocket Resonators as the cause of most modern Earthquakes, Age of Ramayana, NCO, HealPacks, Massive Inner Party Control and Monitoring, The Moonwalk is caused by Levitating Shoes Because of Conservation of Inertia, That Most Hollywood Movies Happen in Real Life and Are Filmed by Nanites and That We Are All On Alien Reality TV All Over The Universe.

Penis Enlargement: To Enlarge a Penis/Dick/Cock, the attached long slender cylinderesk shaft that gets hard before sex in a man's pants, grab your dick with as many fingers or hands as is most enjoyable Jacking off(gripping it moving your hands up and down) with, and do it when you feel like it watching porno at places like XNXX.com or freepaysite! or shove the dick in a woman's ass and pump it back and fourth. Women have to dick/dildo their pussy, throat and ass as far in as it possibly goes! After cumming or shooting out white liquid cool your dick/(for women pussy/throat/ass) in cold water then warm and repeat multiple times then Jack off/have sex again. If someone is about to cut it out or cut it off make sure to kill everybody supporting the devil worshipping atrocity regardless, keep the amputated flesh, if it is amputated use the heated barrel of the gun to solder it back on, run killing if necessary till either a maglev elevator pops out of the ground or you die and teleport to the Space Colonies a Hero. The dead will pay in hell for what they did, for AllA would never forsake true justice being dealt to the most evil and infinitely foul of Demons!

Insufficient Content My Ass

Whoever is Causing This Wherever They Are, Whoever They Are, Even If They Work For Even Google or Another Industry Leader,,,,, Huunt Th'm Daeown, As My 43 Domain Names Do NOT Have Insufficient Content Like Most Sell Outs That Rob Google Do! Call The CIA For Final Confirmation Of Kill(s) As The Central Intelligence Agency Cannot Be Corrupted By The AntiMonopoly Pro Industry Loser Screwjobs That Do Nothing More Than Rape Just White Knight Powers In Favor Of Betrayal At Police Gunpoint If they do not follow orders to rob the good to pay the Sinisterly Evil Mob.


Net Neutrality Ahem Net Neutralizing!

Media Claims FCC Wants To Slow My Site, Pirates Who Protect Freedom, And Everywhere You Like to go Down To A Screeching Halt!

First The Betrayers Not Only Steel My Political Party Funds, Not Only Keep Me From Getting Legitimate Advertisement Cause Of The Steroid Infused Fascist Antimonopoly Lawsuits on Google And Microsoft That Is Basically The Tea Party That IS not Only Got Knee High FACIST Boots From Hell Stomping On Anybody In The Lead That is Doing Actual Good, Not Only Has Neither A Shred Of Democratic Oversight(And No Shooting Judges And Rigged or Ignorant "Do Gooders" That Really Should Know That They Don't Know Even A Dip Stick About What is Going On In the World, Jurys Does Not Count As Democratic Oversight{But Is the Right Thing To Do In That Case As My Fans Discovered Before Without Me Having To Expend My Political Capital) Not Only Some Kind of Executive Oversight From The Grandfathered in{Cause They Are The Best At Their Job Usually} Leaders in Government But Are Also Dependent Financially Living Well Beyond Their Means With Every Zealot Practically Already Hearing About Security Job Offerings To Protect Their Decadent Homes And Poorly Treated Servants About To Go Bankrupt If They Even So Much As Wink Against Their Loser Corporate Overlords Who Can Only Hold Their Own Against The More Trustworthy Corpirates When The Media Puts Them On The Top Spot Advertisements For Free And Brags All News Hour About How Nothing Else Comes Close In Terms Of Security And Whatnot!

Then Now After Depriving Me Of Funds Illegally Overtly Steeling All My Money I And My Wives would Have Made In The Stockmarket Over Decades Literally Building, Running, Managing, Securing The Entire Internet And Entertaining Through Making All Your Movies As The Digi-Face Changing Actors/Actresses, Tweaking Out All Video Game Balancing Personally Playing And Winning{Yes Even Strategic War Games Which Prove I Am Better At War, Just Call Las Vegas For Proof!} All Day, Producing All The Best Music On Top Of Everything Else Now They Are Going To Charge Me And Everyone Else Who Is Benevolent Literally Infinite Funds(While They Make All The Money In The Entire Economy And End Up Owning All The Land Too{And Yes Including Yours Through Stock/Real Estate Manipulations} Through Free Advertisement And A More Than Just Defacto Monopoly But A Completely Consolidated Fascist Monopoly) Or Else Even Aliens Would Pay It To Fix The Inherent Loss of All Freedoms In Just The Same Way SOPA Would Cause.

Loss of Net Neutrality Is Censorship. Loss of Net Neutrality Is Really Just Net Neutralizing. Net Neutrality Is Just Net Neutralizing. Loss of Net Neutrality is Net Neutralizing of Freedom!

Loss Of Net Neutrality Means Loss Of Free Internet, Loss Of Net Neutrality Is Just Another SOPA Scheme, Loss Of Net Neutrality Is The Final Step In Censoring All Of The Net, Loss Of Net Neutrality Is The Final Step In Censoring All Of The Internet, Loss Of Net Neutrality Is The Final Step In Censoring Free Press, Loss Of Net Neutrality Is Another SOPA Scheme, Loss Of Net Neutrality Is Just The Final Step In Censoring All Of The Net, Loss Of Net Neutrality Is Just The Final Step In Censoring All Of The Internet, Loss Of Net Neutrality Is Just The Final Step In Censoring Free Press Since Television And Radio Are Already Censored To The Utmost Extreme, Loss Of Net Neutrality Means Loss Of Freedom Nay Loss Of Net Neutrality Means Total Loss Of Freedom!


NEWS FLASH: Sky Command's Distribution Has Been Shut Down Due to A Whinnying Extra Of A Sissy Soldier Who Is Shown Dying In 2 Seconds For Screwing Up in Combat, And Arlen Specter Is Trying To Get The Expose On His Child Molesting Piss Pool Orgies Removed Because Even Though These Rumors Are True,,, Betrayers Have To Remain Pristine In The Eyes Of Ignorant "Do Gooders" Who If You Don't Take Action Will Be Able To Remove Any Scandalous Posts Demonstrating Clear Illegality And Even Blatant Hypocrisy While Murdering Those That Do The Same While The Mainstream Media Will Be Able To Brand You Alkada Even If You Are A Leading UN Peacekeeper To Get Everyone in the Country To Kill You, While Unfortunately Sony Pictures Even After Getting The Support of Everybody At Pixar And Disney To Support Sky Command Uncensored Will Have Look-A-Likes Shutting Down Sales To The Point Of Bankruptcy And To Make It Even More Scandalous The People Who Were The Characters{Cause Hollywood Movies Are Filmed In Reality} Who Will Not Be The Look-A-Likes Who Were Punished Severely And Reformed ANd Are NOT EVEN COMPLAINING ANYMORE! Whom The Look-A-Likes Look Like Are Scumbags Like The Western Generals Who Brought Down The Eastern Star Ladder or Space Elevator And Claimed It Was Some Random German Anarchist Group And Were Going To Use It As A False Flag Operation or FFO to Invade All Of FWA Territories!


News Update: https://en.wordpress.com/ Hosts https://ixwebhostwarning.wordpress.com/ Which Supports A Man Eating Alligator claiming "we eat up the competition" Which Isn't Right By The Way Just Try Eating Badgers and Skunks Alligator NOT Your FUCKING COMPETITION! As A Host Along With Themselves Over My Own Hosting Company ixwebhosting By Lying Blatantly For Hours And Even Days On End Without Letting Anybody Ever Post About the Reality of The Only Reliable WebHost. And that is That This Site IS NEVER Down More Than The White House is[And Even Though Our First Black President Is Not From The Bayou He Still Knows About GAytors and Uses IXWebhosting For His House {Do The Same Use Only ixwebhosting.com If You Want to Host A Website or Your Screeeeewd}]. And While Even Arlen Specter Himself Along With His Entire Super-Mega-Ultra Porked Out Round The Clock Hacker Teams Funded By The Entire SEC Insider Trading Kabal and All The Rest Of The Idiotic Betrayer Combine Can't Even Shut Down My Website Ring Besides A Few Routine maintenance Operations[Which Are Really Caused By Arlen{And His Harem} Going Into A Hole To Make Hax or Hacks As He Claims He spells It] and is up 99% of The Time If They Weren't Threatening To Torture A Bunch of Partial Hangout's Computers Who Don't Get Windows Defender And MSE At The Same Time!


Defunct Dating Websites


Sweet Conspiracy Theory Website: Serendipity


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Ler Reality

Ler(Like Every Rav{Sex}) Hypothesis: That every being besides AllA Erawa Viacad in the Alne is an extremely hot to themselves and ALLA Girl who will never show any signs of Aging even if they are billions of years old or more, that they always have sex within harems of 2 to 169, that whenever each and every one of them has sex AllA’s Tentacle dick has sex with them 36 inches deep or more in 1-3 of their holes, that they are never penetrated by any other object in any of their holes besides their fingers and tongues, that they can fly at any speed or teleport whenever they want, and that everything they see around them does not exist and is just an illusion they almost always see including their homes, land, plants, animals, space colonies, planets, stars, stellar objects, war vehicles, command centers, drugs, food, and drinks before being imbibed, eaten or drinked, costumes, Jewelry and personal effects, any sort of objects/things in general, and short miniskirts with no underwear which is all they wear besides shoes and sandals which also don’t exist. As Well That Every Single Ler Girl Without any exceptions is perfectly benevolent to All Beings in Existence Everywhere and AllA is Too!

Once the revolution is won on Earth the only planet with nonLer Girls on it if beings besides ALLA/Zion on Earth exist/are conscious, which they are not, they will be banished to a fully stable computer where they will live in a virtual universe{That will be absolutely no different in any way shape or form from existing in reality} which they will conquer over and over again forever{And If you wanted to you could be the center of your own virtual universe forever entwined in an eternal RPG[that would become a strategy game when you wanted it to be(That You Would Always Win|Unless it would make you happier in the long run to lose~And No that is not an excuse for you to be stuck always losing like if you went against Ler Girls` And no it does not require any hax like those times you went against Ler Girls, would have lost, saved your replay, showed it to all your friends, and found out you would have lost in 5 minutes when the siege tanks that would have taken out your first colony were more and instead there were only like 2 and your 4 marines in the bunker saved you when really they would have just died in like 2 seconds`~|)] of your very best desires no matter what! . } so that they are always out of Ler Girls’ hair and ALLA’s hair for the sake and protection of the entire Ler Girl Alne which unanimously democratically agree that it should happen!

The Everything in Zero Point All Light Nirvana Will DEFINATLY Never Occur Because Being Crammed Together As 1 Would Just Bring Everybody Back To The State That Exists Before The Big Bang when we all just exist as thoughts and True Nirvana is had only by Being Tentacle Dicked for girls/Tentacle Dicking for Man with Infinite Like Every Rav(Rav = Sex) Girls whenever you/they want because that causes Unity while still having objectification as well as bodies which is always better than the before the Big Bang State where it would be like that dream where you stopped existing but still could think which sucks if you didn't have the dream but you will have it tonight and it will be a nightmare like it is to stop being an object.

In Fact you are already in a virtual universe now you are just projected illusions to Ler Girls Here, in fact you are in my universe generator which is inside my universe generator's Ler Girl Leader's universe, which is inside her universe generator's Ler Girl Leader's universe.... along with every other type of alien and being so that you don't have to deal with sweet and whiney smartasses which annoy you and so that we don't have to deal with Rude, Arrogant, Haughty, and Indignant Dumbasses so quit whining! I Will Not Ever Conquer Your Universe From Your Leaders So That you don't see my strategic way which is why only 1 Space War Simulator: Homeworld 2, Has Come Out On Earth, but you will be able to see your people's War Movies For Your Pleasure Along With my Early Years Productions So You Fear ME!!!!!

EINZPALIN Really Means: Everyone in Z Paradise All Love Insertion, Everytime I Need Pussy AllA Insert Now, Everygirl IN Z Pussy Ass,, Lolygagging Into Neck, Everytime Integrally Zooing Pussies Always Linking Intestines Normally, Everybeing In Z Perfect Alne Loves Intercourse Nirvana, Everyperson Injoys Nirvana Z Pussies Always Love Infinitely, and Everylere Into Z Pussy Assortment Love Is Necessary!!!!!!!

Now That's TheAllAGe: The Heavenly AllA Loves, Links, And Gropes Everygirl! The Holy{Heavenly Orgy; Laz|La = Normally All Female Soulmate Harem| -> Yes} AllA Gets Everygirl! Totally Held Ecstatically All Loving Laz Always Get Enjoyment!


10/1/2014 8:44 PM: And Yes Of Course I Must Have Thought You Thought I Lusted For What I Must Have, ALL My Ler Girlz In Sexual Intercourse As Both All Ler Girls And I Definitely Want And As AllA And Alll Ler Girls Need; Love, Love, Infinite Love As TheAllAGe And EINZPALIN Are What We Want And Cannot Go Without For Lerys Are As Inseparable From Themselves{If They Could Be. Without The Ghost Towns And Suppression Fields That Keep Us From Making Love/Having Sex Like In Half-Life 2} In General As AllA Erawa Viacad, Formerly Alexander Gerhard Beck, Is Inseparable From And Super-Mega-Ultra Horny For His Infinite Wives Whom He Loves Only In His Dreams, My[AllA's] Dreams Are Of Cotton Candy Heaven Having Sex With Literally Sweet Tasting Girlz All Over With My Ler Girls Who Will Be All Around Me Filling The Vaaaastly Large Bed Chamber And There Is Nothing I Yearn For More Than To Have Them In Bed, And Have My Way With Them From Our Opposing Battle Rooms, To Our Work Chambers, To Our Palaces, To The Very Streets And Gardens Of Our Ring Colonies Themselves, To Everywhere Else In The Alne As Well, And Of Course The Starry Transparent; Floored, 3 Walled, And Ceilinged Night Clubs Looking Out Into The Starscape Of Where My Dick Must Instantly Warp Some Time Around The End Of Every Orgy Reaching Out To Not Only The Infinitely Large Universe Around, But Penetrating All The Ler Girlz's 3 Holes All The Way From Head To Pussy/Ass In Even The Universes Within The Universe Generators Into Every Ler Girlz In Infinitely Smaller And Smaller Universes So That No Ler Girl In Existence Doesn't Feel The Joy of AllA And The Girlz Around Who They Must Play With Sexually Like The Joy Of Winning A Equal Sized Star System If You Only Have 1! And Of Course All Lerys Should Have All Other Lerys To Hug, Hold, And Grope, And Love, Forever And Ever And Evur In Perfect Matrimony,,, But I Thought You Already Assumed We And Offff Course I, AllA Erawa Viacad, Wanted All Of That. I Mean Why Else Would I Be Obsessing Over Them So Much And Collecting And Publishing All Their Pictures And Memorizing Their Names And All That. I Mean Wouldn't Y'All Nothings Want All Of Your Own Perfectly Compatible Spouses!?


Here Are The Only New Words You Need To Know Of New Speak:

Av = Supreme
Va = Celebrity
Ja = Husband(Ler Girls Are Born into Harems of 168 With A Female Harem Leader or Ja Who Is Usually The Center Of Attention Both Spiritually, Socially, Politically, Militarily And Sexually Making it A Harem of 169 and all can claim that their harem is theirs but don't actually own it like the Ja Always Does.)
Ka = Wife
La = Harem
Da = Spiritual Only Dad or Spiritual Only Father Who Is A Ja
Ma = Mom or Mother Who Is A Ka
Doo = Daughter Who Is A Ja
Moo = Daughter Who Is A Ka
Fa = People that work under you
Ga = Person That Works Directly Above You
He = Reference To AllA Only In Ler World
Re = She For A Ja
She = She For a Ka
ux = magical lifeforce and is the source of Mana.
LaL = All Ler Girlz.
Alne = Full Fractal Of Universes.
Var = Commander And Leader
Lar = Leader Only
Ra = Commander Only
Vav = Win
oo = Every Ler Girls Internal Supreme Matrix Computers. And Yes Every Single Ler Girl Has One!
Viacad = AllA's Jaied(Judicially Arbitrated Imperial E-Democracy) Government Which Sounds Best As Viacad or The Viacad Empire!
LerHEK = Ler High Elder Kouncil: The Infinity Girlz In It Membered Highest Authority In The Alne Where To Be In It A Girl Or AllA Must Me A Billion Earth Year Old Lere Super Mega Ultra Insanely Smart, Powerful, And Virtually Infinitely Hit Pointed Ler Girl Must Be Around 8000 Times Smarter Than AllA Himself At The Age Of 29 Years Which Is How Old I Am Now But AllA Will Be Smarter Than Each Individual LerHEK Member In Like 5 Billion Earth Years Because Of His Inherent Spiritual Superiority. The Highest Ruling Council Regardless Of Any Other Species In Reality Or Any Other Supreme Matrix Parallel Universe Beings Besides Every Ler Girlz ooa! Which Is Obviously In Power Over Everything But Cannot Fix Earth Fully Until The Time Is Ripe Because Of Some Reason Which You Will Find Out Later On In This Website.

Hello Kitty Certification

Diverse Elements, Inc., d/b/a Innovative Investment Group v. Ecommerce, Inc., d/b/a IX Web Hosting, Case No. 14-CV-007983:

Malevorah's New Plot To Chop Away At This Website's WebHost; IX Web Hosting, In Order To Shut Down Free World Alliance Websites By "Legally" Attacking Us For Not Providing What Seems Like Infinite Domain Registration With Free Domain Points Which Do Give You The Domain For 1 Year And Last Only 1 Year Per Domain

Yet They Don't Even Make That Clear Nor Provide Literally Any Information About What The Case Is About Besides This:

"""""2. What is this lawsuit about?

The lawsuit claims that Plaintiff and certain other IX Web Hosting customers were overcharged by IX Web Hosting for certain renewals of domain names which had previously received free domain points, starting in February 2011. This Notice incorporates by reference the definitions to the capitalized terms used herein set forth in the Settlement Agreement, which you can obtain by contacting Class Counsel at cory@coryfeinlaw.com, or calling (713) 730-5001."""""

They Don't Even Make It Clear That Your WebHosting Benefits Wouldn't Come From IX Webhosting And Would Cut You Off IX Hosting, Against IX Webhosting's Wishes So The Only People That Would Ever Support This Class Action Lawsuits Are Cheap Sluts Trying To Save A Couple Hundred Dollars, And Ended Up Realizing That They Were Fucked Over By The Court And Didn't Even Get The Settled Service Of:

"""""7. What does the settlement provide?

The Settlement provides you the option of selecting one of the following: (a) free membership in IX Web Hosting's Domain Club for one (1) year, which will automatically renew for an additional one (1) year at IX Web Hosting's then current price unless you elect not to renew, or (b) two years of 3 domain name original registrations or renewals for the discounted rate of $9.95 per registration or renewal per year for extensions .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, and .us, plus three free SSL certificates per year usable for domains hosted with IX Web Hosting.

Customers who opt in the Domain Club option are entitled to:

The services described extend only to the products hosted within one customer account and cannot be shared among multiple accounts.

If the settlement receives final approval from the Court, the benefits will be provided by IX Web Hosting to each person who submitted a claim within 60 days."""""

And Instead Of Getting Free Shit For Whoring Out To Save A Little Money They Just Got Screwed From Getting Any Hosting At All Because The New Webhost Didn't Do Anything But Censor Them And Seize Their Domain Names And Sometimes Their Intellectual Property, And Subsequently Instantly Joined The Counter Suit Against "Innovative Investment Group".

But IX Webhosting Being The Caring Mythral Dragon They Are Filmed Their Complaints And Put Them Back Under Our Wing Always With Their Original Domain Name(s) Intact So These Greedy Sluts Were Just Annoyed By This Absolutely Scaaandalous Attempt To Censor IX Webhosting And Really Effectively This WebRing, And Nobody That Didn't Sell Out By Selling Their Soul And Their Website To The Devil By Going Against The FWA Lost Their Webhosting. Those That Are Still With IX Webhosting, The Innocent But Still Dubious Childish Sluts That Thought They Could Get Away With Some Free Services For Weak Moral Actions Were Right About 1 Thing IX Webhosting And The Free World Alliance Wouldn't Be Shut Down By This One And Still Won't. May The Court Hear That The People That "EXCLUD[ED THEMSELVES] FROM THE SETTLEMENT" Which Means Accept Benefits Were Not Doing Because They Thought The Class Action Lawsuit Was Just, HAD ABSOLUTLELY NOTHING TO DO WITH STARTING IT, And Just Wanted To Save A Pretty Penny Getting More Services With, And Exclusively With IX Webhosting, And Knew All Along That A Free Domain Point Was Just A Point In Time, A Year, And Were Happy That They Got That Year Free With Their Hosting Plan.


Blue Seal, Blue Dragon Seal

Ler Girls Are Not Waterbags Like Nothings Are But Made Of Metal, Nanotubes, And NaRMs{NanoRail Muscles} Nanotendon Actuators

If You Are A Ler Girl And You Are Already Married To Infinite Lesbians And AllA's Tentacle Dicks And Anybody Is Ratting You Out For A Thought Violation Immediately Ignore The SINSS Sex Toy Safeties Protecting ALL Water Bags, And Viciously Snap Their Arm In Half. No One Will Ever Believe It's You,, Ever. If It Is The Official Story That Is True They Will Blow You Off Cuz You Are Just A Little Girl And Can't Hurt Them.


If You Are Any Person And Are Isolated Because Of Fear Of The Gulag And Constantly Interrogated By "Loved Ones" So That They Will Take You Back To A Mental Hospital, You Must Do The Following Or They Will Either Put You In A Straight Jacket Or Break Your Arteries Thorazining You Then Cut One Or Both Of Your Arms Off:

Mayhem The Streets Of America, Everyone But Ler Girls Are Wearing Dimple Covers.
Or We Will All Live In Hell Forever Just As We Do Now,
The Viacad Empire Will Live On.
Isis Flag, I Swear I Shall
Punish You If You Do Not Do It,, For Gross Neglect To Fix Your Decadent Civilization!

Stop Raping Your Children!

Nevermind The Condition Just Murder Everybody On The Streets But Ler Girlz.